Atheist Inkblots (1 of 3) June 29, 2008

Atheist Inkblots (1 of 3)

Time to play Atheist Psychologist!

What do you see in the following image….?


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  • Sondra

    I see a transformer/dissected frog 😀

  • Yoo

    Started out with an oddly symmetric map of imaginary continents, then a frog, and settled down to a crab. Is a Rorschach blot test supposed to change this way?

  • Rawley

    I saw it as a map as well. The website says it is supposed to be made of different color inks, so that may change perception.

  • Sara

    I see a giant lobster/crab looming over and about to munch on a person deep in prayer.

  • looks kind of like road kill to me.

  • I too saw a map. To me, it looks like real world continents that have been mirrored and distorted using cheap photoshopery.

  • I saw a version of the aliens from Space Invaders.

    A sort of weavel of louse.

    I saw watershed maps.

    Reversing the image (looking at the white parts as the image) I was able to see a cute, bow legged, big headed alien thing. Of course, the big thing between it’s legs seems a bit rude.

    Looking again, it looked a little more like a petroglyph reinterpreted by von Däniken.

  • Hez

    Straight away.

  • I see an angry crab. (Didn’t look at the other comments)

  • Maakuz

    Strange maple leaf. Or GOD you hippocrats! 😀

  • anonymouse

    Cthulu. And he’s *pissed*

  • Pinto

    I see crab people. They taste like crab but talk like people.

  • H of Cashburn

    A push-me-pull-you

  • I see two ugly horned creatures facing off over a wishbone.

  • Daryl

    I see a deity about to take one of his followers in prayer and consume them as many followers behind him reach out to have the opportunity to touch him so they can feel blessed.

    …but that’s just me.

  • greenishblue

    I immediately saw a map of Eurasia on the right hand side, mirrored on the left.

  • Torsoless legs marching into the welcoming arms of a giant crab wearing a Athenian helmet.

    Obviously I have issues with my mother…

  • Jeff Satterley

    It looks like the picture they show in high school health class of the female reproductive system, upside-down. Guess that shows where my mind is 😉

  • Philip

    Count me in the group that sees a laterally mirrored pangea-like structure.

  • If I look at it from a distance, and squint a little, it looks very much like an ink blot.

  • An evil crab.

  • ubi dubius

    Looks like the skin of a long-nosed creature. Maybe a warthog.

  • Euan

    I saw a skinned elephant.

  • Richard Wade

    What, are you people blind? Where do you get these wild imaginings? That’s clearly a picture of Paris Hilton driving a limousine with Richard Dawkins and James Dobson riding in the back on their wedding day. It’s as plain as day. See, that little squiggle on the left is her foot on the pedal, and that other thingy is the wheel…

  • Adam

    Sanctuary, the Diablo world.

  • Anna N.

    Yep. Crab.

  • I see a turtle furiously swimming to get away from a creature chasing him. The thing is almost on top of him, and there’s a small opening that he must get to. I sense that once he gets to the opening, the gates will close behind him, and he will be safe from the thing that is chasing him.

  • Nancy


  • Amber

    I see the monster from Cloverfield. But that kind of translated to a crab for me.

  • Allytude

    The grounds in Kung Fu Panda!

  • Amy

    An elephant skin

  • JohnB

    Well, at first I thought I saw a ducky and a horsey. But then I decided it was an evil crab thing about to make a wish on a chicken’s wishbone.

  • How are these “atheist” inkblots?

  • It’s clearly Jesus. But he seems to have a couple of extra arms and legs — or something.

  • Trevor

    I’ll be honest, it looks like something you’d fight in Galaga.

  • Cade

    Giant crab monster. Map crossed my mind too.

    But it MAY be a monkey riding a unicycle with a top hat and a mustache.

  • A vagina. But that’s what everything looks like to me.

  • Ah yes, projective methods of psychology. More fun than astrology!

    It’s some dragons peeking out from underneath a bear fur carpet.

  • Anders C

    It looks like multiple smaller crabs have combined into some mighty gestalt. Run for your lives!

  • I see a witchdoctor wearing a mask, holding a rattle in each hand, standing in front of the skin of a very large prehistoric aardvark that’s pinned to the wall behind him.

    I haven’t read any other entry yet. I wonder how many got the same thing?

  • Ada

    the top half of a beetle

  • isaah vincent

    a bunch of lobsters or crawdads dancing. waltz i think. 3/4ths time

  • Brian E

    I see my uncle molesting me as a little boy.

  • Susan

    The remains of a turkey after Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Ancient bird fossils!

  • Maria

    looks like a weird crab of some sort

  • philosophia

    Um. I saw a map as well, but also a kind of squashed, platypus-like creature…I think.

  • Ngeli

    I saw a map.

  • gabriel

    Oh for crying out loud. What did you do this time dump the whole plate of spaghetti? That’s it I’ve had it you can clean this mess up.

  • yinyang

    I see a wolf-like silhouette, spread out in a way to suggest flight, as if it’s a kite. It could also be a wolf costume for a sheep (a “sheep in wolf’s clothing” instead of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” which I think is kind of funny).

  • Muffin

    Crab people from South Park.

  • the Shaggy

    A coat of arms.

  • Emily

    A skinny white robot in the middle with an evil robot overlord lurking behind it about to grab it.

  • Damo

    Gnarls Barkley ?

  • Tyler Nothing

    Donkey Kong was the first thing I thought… the center section looks like a gorilla to me…

  • laterose

    I, too, saw a map at first. Then it sort of morphed into a bug.

  • Shire Brooks

    I see two triceratops running away from each other.

  • J Myers

    Obviously a crab person from South Park.

  • DeamonCohln


    Attack it’s weak point for massive damage!

  • It’s a pubic louse. Seriously. It looks just like one. Um..apparently.

  • stogoe

    A crab wearing a badger-skin robe.

  • Larry the Lobster lifeguard from Spongebob Squarepants.

    Totally a lobster of some kind. Dripping in butter. With those yummy Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

  • An alien with antennae shaking two maracas.

  • The obvious evolutionist interpretation: it’s a Tiktaalik fossil!

  • Blue Crab

  • DSimon

    It’s a possum rug lying on a bed of leaves.

  • Alyx

    a horrible rug made out of the skin of a wolf 🙁

  • 4140

    A BANANA!!!

  • Neuron

    Here’s what I saw: “AccessDeniedAccess Denied591FBF92684B1D11FgqH+MUqc+JdK++gMsuxiAsgh0lpoP/qRanq4CVi8q112WGP5ct9ALZD7UULiCNb”

  • Neuron

    And yes, that is the text I saw when I viewed the image in a new tab.

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