Off to Canada June 27, 2008

Off to Canada

I’m heading to Canada in the morning! Woo!

Postings will be minimal for the next few days, though a couple are on autopost… and the moderation queue will go untouched.

Consider this an open thread 🙂

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  • Rose

    Have a great time! My husband and I were in Toronto two weeks ago – we actually stopped by the UT Secular Alliance offices, and were very impressed with how active the organization is.

  • the Shaggy

    You sticking around for the Pride Parade on Sunday? Should be good times, they usually are.

  • have a good time!

    Certainly, I’d like to travel to Canada some day soon. I love maple, forests, mountains and huge open spaces…

  • Have a safe trip, and thanks for the open thread; let’s all talk about ponies!

  • Kate

    I LOVE ponies!!!!

  • Drew

    In the Harris-Decima poll in June 2008, 22% of Canadians say they do not believe in any gods. 72% say they do. That means 6% are too afraid to tell a pollster they are atheists, because their grannie might find out. In other words, Canada has now passed the 25% mark for people willing to admit they are atheists. Now, if only all those people would publicly CALL themselves atheists, and criticise religious dogma when they come across it . . .

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