Book Review: Freethunk! by Jeff Swenson June 24, 2008

Book Review: Freethunk! by Jeff Swenson

You may have seen Jeff Swenson‘s cartoon work in Humanist Network News.

Most notably, he’s the guy responsible for this (NSFW) cartoon, which also inspired a radio play.

But his body of work is extensive and he’s put together a collection of his best freethought-related cartoons from the past several years in Freethunk!.

Here are just a couple samples of his work:



And no collection of anything is complete without a decent baby joke:


He satirizes all religion (Islam included) as well as atheism. Some cartoons make you laugh, some make you think, and others are just shocking — shocking in the sense that you can’t believe someone would actually draw/write that.

That’s not always a bad thing. I rarely find anything off-limits. But more than once when going through this collection, I was amazed any cartoonist would go that far.

If you like that sort of humor, this is for you.

Jesus, Muhammad, God, Mormons, Tom Cruise, and fundamentalists all make appearances in Freethunk!. So does the Infidel Guy.

There aren’t many cartoon books out there specifically for atheists, but this is tailor-made for the non-religious. It’s as if someone went through the Bible, and during each major story, stopped to wonder: “What if this happened instead?” Then he does it again with the religious news. Then with the religious myths of other faiths. Then he draws it all up in a neat panel or two.

If this is up your alley, keep tabs on Jeff’s website or — even better — support his work and order a copy of his book.

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  • Brian E

    Mohammad you say? This guy’s done a comic with a PICTURE of Mohammad in it and he got away with it/is still alive? Even South Park couldn’t pull that off. I’m in!

    Wait, he needs an RSS feed.

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