German Bible June 19, 2008

German Bible

When it’s in German, it just sounds all the more blasphemous…


(via futruym)

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  • I like tea


  • philosophia

    Indeed it does. Particularly with that upside-down cross on it as well…

  • Josha

    Lawyer: Well, what about the tattoo on your chest? Doesn’t it say ‘Die Bart, Die’?
    Sideshow Bob: No, that’s German for ‘The Bart, The’.
    Parole Judge: No one who speaks German can be an evil man! Parole granted!

  • Meh. Nothing beats a good “Fuck the Holy Spirit!”


  • Randall

    Well, if you’re collecting this sort of stuff, you should probably know that in the Library of Congress cataloguing system, Bible Studies is classified under “BS”.

  • Pseudonym

    I went to a Lutheran school, so it wasn’t until I read some of the comments that I got it.

    BTW, there’s nothing blasphemous about an upside-down cross. Catholics believe that’s now St. Peter was killed.

  • philosophia

    Re: Pseudonym

    The inverted cross is also (supposedly) popular with Satanists – that’s why it amused me 🙂

  • Polly

    OHHHH, Now I get it.
    As one for whom “Die” is automatically processed as “Dee” in a German context, I couldn’t figure out what all the hubbub was about.

    That’s the joke, right?
    ‘Cause if it’s not then I’m still confused.

  • Stella

    Never thought about that way (me being a german native speaker) .. but that’s quite funny.
    Hey, die bibel brought me joy… pretty amazing (-:

  • Pseudonym

    philosophia: Yeah, I knew that. But going by online forums, self-styled satanists don’t seem to know anything.

  • O GOD!

    What’s science got to do with homosexuality???

  • Hah, i just found that link. And i wondered why especially this pic has got so many views.

    Pseudonym: I’m not a satanist, nor am I a self-styled satanist. I’m interested in satanism though and the thing is: people that act like you (e.g. “I’m the only one that knows xyz and you just suck”, and all those black-and-white seeing guys out there) are *not* the kind of people I’d call my target audience. I *do* know about Petrus and what the story is about. I don’t care though. And actually this upsidedown cross has more meanings then you probably know, from what you’ve stated here.

    — Futruym

  • Pseudonym

    futryum: Obviously I wasn’t directing that comment at you, but at philosophia. Having said that…

    people that act like you

    With deepest respect, you don’t know anything about me, especially if all you have to go on is what I’ve stated in this thread.

  • Pseudonym:
    I’m sorry if I said something that might have been inappropriate, but the thing is just that there are a lot of guys out there that see satanists in a very cliché like way. These people even use to call me a satanist because they don’t know anything about it. It seemed to me as if you were one of these guys and wanted to blame me or so.

  • Pseudonym

    OK, futruym, looks like we both misunderstood each other. Apology accepted, and I hope you accept mine in return. 🙂

    Judging by online forums, just about any group that you care to name appears stupid. I think it’s the nature of online forums.

    Having said that, I still think that a lot of self-styled Satanists do appear to be quite stupid. (If there are any present, I promise I’m not talking about you!) They might be “real” ones, or they might be “fake” ones, I’m not sure. But certainly LaVey, famously, swallowed the whole Ayn Rand thing hook line and sinker, so he couldn’t have been that bright.

  • Yeah, you’re right. I, unfortunately, had to do with some of these self-styles Satanists as you call them. But i use to laugh at them.

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