Your Most Memorable Night June 18, 2008

Your Most Memorable Night

Nothing in particular brings this thought to my mind.

I just think it’s an interesting question:

What was the most memorable night of your life?

Mine was March 23rd, 2001 — my senior year of high school.

You get no further details on that. (Which clearly defeats the purpose of asking this question in the first place, I know, but whatever.)

I swear it’s nothing scandalous.

Feel free to share your story or not 🙂

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  • Julie Marie

    Nov. 13, 2006. An intercepted text message changed everything.

  • Amber

    I’ve had a fairly short life so far.
    The night of April 29th, 2008 would have to take the cake, though. The first time I saw a large-scale concert. The Honda Civic Tour at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC. My junior prom was that same week, and was unremarkable in comparison. I had a great time with two of my friends, and met a really cool, edgy guy. He was cool, that is, until he started talking about his church. Attractive as any guy is, that just breaks the deal for me.

  • yogamama7

    August 1, 2003. A “whoopsie” of massive proportions, and one I would never change.

  • 12 May 2006 – The day my wife and I got married. We got married in the morning, and decided to hang out at the hotel pool for the afternoon – I jumped into the water and landed on a piece of glass, cutting my foot and causing the hotel to close and drain the pool just as 3 buses full of kids showed up (and were looking forward to getting into the pool).

    We spent our wedding night in the hotel room with my foot bandaged and propped up, watching movies on TV. The week-long Caribbean cruise we went on 2 days later kicked ass, though 🙂

  • *memorable* and *night*

    Okay, I’ve had lots of those….*smirk*

    Hmm….March 17, 2007 – for once, nothing scandalous.

  • I don’t remember the date, but I vividly remember the event itself: the night I came out of the closet to my brother. I’ll never forget how great it was to get a hug from him and to hear that it changed nothing about our friendship. Afterall, I had dreaded telling him for a few years.
    My words can’t do justice to how it felt… It means the world to hear your best friend still loves you, even when you’re still struggling to love yourself.

  • 27 August 2007. If there was a heaven, that was it.

  • There was one night last year… Let’s just say that we prevented the suicide of a friend. I probably shouldn’t talk about this… 🙁

  • mikespeir

    My most memorable night?! No, I don’t “feel free” to share that story.

  • Too many possibilities to pick just one, and like many of your other commenters, not the sort of thing I’d likely share. Certainly a thought-provoking question though.

  • I have different “memorable nights” for different reasons…

    June 27th 2001 – i lost my virginity to an asshole. …i hate that such an insignificant person and not so fun time will always stick out in my head. when admitting it to anyone i say i lost it on august 1st 2007 to a really fantastic guy.

    November 27 2008 – my boyfriend of 3 years died on the side of the road, in my arms.

    Jan 15 2007 – we had a “welcome home katie” party at my house in BC. I ended up with alcohol poisoning and spent three days in the hospital. Since that night I’ve never had more than 3 drinks in one night… Nearly dying is a lesson not easily forgotten.

    …I wish I could say like… Prom (but it sucked), a birthday (but it always rains), some sort of vacation (i’m a student, i’m too poor to travel) …but I’ve got what I’ve got. There are TONS of really fun nights from first year university, but they were all sort of the same in terms of events, people and shenanigans. So all of first year was pretty good/memorable too. (2nd, 3rd and 4th…not so much.)

  • April 25, 2008 – My 30th birthday and the night I met the love of my life.

  • TXatheist

    November 21, 2003 the day my son was born.

  • 31st July 1995 when my first daughter was born. Everything in my life changed that night.

  • As someone who knew you in high school, you’ve got me curious…

    Most memorable night? I’m bad at dates:

    Middle of the summer 2001: I was in the middle of Germany, unable to speak the language and locked out of my host family’s house at 2:00 in the morning because my host sister was still out partying…I prayed and cried sitting on the doorstep until one of the neighbors came home and I was brave enough to ask them to help me.

    May 7, 2003: I graduated from college, dinner with the fam, hanging out with friends until the bar closed and then driving a friend to the airport (2 hours away) to catch his morning flight. We drove back home after that and watched the sunrise, not having slept a wink. 🙂

  • Richard Wade

    It’s tough to pick one night as the most memorable because they’re memorable for such different reasons. So I’ll give a sampler:

    One summer night, 1954: One of my earliest memories. Watched the “firefall” at Yosemite Valley, where burning embers were pushed off of Glacier Point, 3,250 feet high.

    October 6, 1957: Saw Sputnik fly overhead, a tiny point of light moving smoothly across the sprinkling of stars.

    Oct. 31, 1959: Best Halloween costume in the whole wide world, an astronaut, made by Mom and Dad.

    Another summer night, 1962: Pointed a small telescope at a point of light in the sky, and it was Saturn!

    June 14, 1968: Graduated from high school and spent the whole night at Disneyland with my girlfriend.

    Feburary 7, 1970: Met my future wife on a blind date, love at first sight, picnicked at Carmel on Valentines Day a week later. Never apart since.

    December 20, 1971: Spun out and crashed in the snow almost falling into a ravine, spent the entire night getting home, nearly froze to death.

    August 1972: Our wedding night.

    July 1974: Huddled under a rock ledge during an all night hailstorm in the High Sierras.

    November 1985: Our daughter was born.

    January 17, 1994: The Nortrhridge earthquake trashed my house and collapsed the large building where I worked, where I was to be in just a few hours.

    June 19, 2008: Tonight my wife will get home and I will tell her once again how much I love her.

  • Milena

    hoverFrog said,

    31st July 1995 when my first daughter was born. Everything in my life changed that night.

    Whoa, that’s my birthday too!

    Umm, my most memorable night would probably be sometime in November 1998, the night my family and I arrived at the Montreal airport, then drove into Hull, near Ottawa. It was the night I emmigrated to Canada.

    Tonight’s pretty special too, because it’s my high-school graduation.

  • Milena, you’re 12? 😉

    You share a birthday with a famous person too then: JK Rowling. Also the fictional Harry Potter.

  • Milena

    Jason Horton said,

    Milena, you’re 12?

    You share a birthday with a famous person too then: JK Rowling. Also the fictional Harry Potter.

    Lol, I said birthday, not birthdate.

    And yes, I know about Harry Potter and JK. I’m very proud of it, actually.

  • Jodie

    10/16/04. My 24th birthday in Bougouni, Mali (It’s in West Africa. It’s where Timbuctu is). My other Peace Corps friends and I came into the city. I was really surprised by how many people came in. My grrls and I spend over an hour drinking and doing make up, I was fantastically, malnourished-ly thin. We left to go to the one bar in town only to look up at the moon…..And realize it’s the first night of Ramadan. Bar’s closed. Wa-Wa. So we spent the evening in the cistern (mud hot tub) getting wasted on awful beer and talking election.
    Also Easter Sunday 2004.

  • My most memorable night is tonight. This very moment. It is the most memorable, because on this night, I remember all those memorable nights (so many) of the past and dream of the ones still to come (no doubt there will be many).

    This one is the most memorable, because I am living it right now. It holds so much… and it’s real. It doesn’t get better than that.

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