Toilet Humor? June 18, 2008

Toilet Humor?

Well, this isn’t very nice…

Clearly, it’s blasphemy:


Must’ve been an evil atheist urinal maker.

(And who takes a camera to the bathroom…?)

(via My Confined Space)

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  • Joseph R.

    Salvation through urination!

  • Maakuz

    Thats AWESOME!

  • Richard Wade

    I used to make patterns (the originals) of products, and before they went into mass production I would point out problems that the product designers had not noticed. This should go down in the Industrial Design What the Hell Were You Thinking Hall of Fame.

  • Steelman

    It appears the five holes at the top of the cross are in the lowest point of the basin. With three additional holes available for drainage, should the other five become blocked (e.g. cigarette butts, paper towels, urinal cake).

    Seems a good design.

    Of course I’m not a designer, just an expert user. 8)

  • It’s been said before that Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain looks like Mary.

  • I’m not sure in what context it will be used, but this will show up in a sermon somewhere on Sunday I promise.

  • Funny – the first thing I noticed after the cross was how disgusting that bathroom looks – I think that’s more blasphemous than the cross in the toilet…

    Also, if I’m on vacation, I’ll usually have my camera with me when I go to the bathroom, and I have been known to take a picture or two of a neat bathroom on occasion!

  • Seen yet?

  • I’ve had a great deal of trouble posting this. I keep running into an error that says your site is using “too much CPU time” or something.

    Anyway, final try, and I hope you’ll delete any duplicates:

    Seen these yet?

  • *snicker* *giggle*

  • Robin

    It’s “Piss Christ II”.

    This time, it’s personal!

  • Metro, OMG, I am really dying to know where you got that photo from now.

  • chris

    erm, camera phone much?

  • @Matt: there’s a link below to the site. I found my way there via another blog, but I failed to write down whose. The other toilets on that page are interestingly disturbing also.

  • Diores

    I will not make a holy water joke, I will not make a holy water joke, I will not make a holy water joke…

  • Look children! Evidence of God is everywhere!

  • johnnypanda

    I see nothing wrong with this…

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