Birthday Wishes to Lori Lipman Brown from Richard Dawkins June 18, 2008

Birthday Wishes to Lori Lipman Brown from Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins send this email out yesterday and I absolutely echo his sentiments:

Lori Lipman Brown works her heart out as Director of the Secular Coalition for America. When she’s not lobbying on Capitol Hill, she’s on the road helping grow this remarkable coalition from coast to coast. She is making a real difference, and the Secular Coalition is demonstrating what can be achieved when factions sink their differences and pull together.

I am proud to serve as an advisor to the Secular Coalition, and prouder still of the success Lori and her staff have had in just a few short years.

This month gives us a special opportunity to express our pride and gratitude. Lori Lipman Brown has a birthday today, June 17th, and I am asking you to help Lori celebrate her 50th birthday by making a $50, $500, or $5,000 contribution to the Secular Coalition for America. My own donation will be $5000, given via the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science.

Remember, your donations make Lori’s work possible. Please be generous, and encourage your friends and family to mark this occasion too.

Richard Dawkins, Advisory Board
Secular Coalition for America

It’s a great cause if you’re looking to donate to an organization! And if $50 at once is too much, please consider giving something more manageable and spread out, like $5/month.

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  • anon

    Uhm, is there a mailing list for Richard Dawkins? I would also like to recieve emails from him!

    Anyway, cool.

  • Polly

    But, I thought we weren’t supposed to celebrate birthdays!

  • Jeff Satterley

    @ anon

    I believe Dawkins sent it through the Secular Student Alliance mailing list. I got the email and I don’t subscribe to any personal mailing list of his (at least I don’t think I do).

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