The Bigot’s Guide to Stopping a Gay/Straight Alliance from Forming June 17, 2008

The Bigot’s Guide to Stopping a Gay/Straight Alliance from Forming

Last month, there was news about how principal Eddie Walker opted to resign from his position because a Gay/Straight Alliance group was being formed at his high school.

Turns out the school board is trying to out-bigot him.

Later this month, they are going to hold a voteon whether to ban all student clubs that don’t relate to academics or sports as a way to close a gay student organization.”

The vote has already been delayed so the school board can get “more public input.” Apparently, board members need advice on whether or not to limit how much education students can get in their district.

The first thought that went through my head: What clubs would be cut from the high school I work at if this rule were applied there?

Drama Club/Speech Team/Improvisation Club/Plays/Musicals would be gone.

Operation Snowball? Forget it.

Indian/Muslim/African-American student groups? No need for any of that, either…

And if you want to make the case that many of those groups are indeed academic, you could make the same argument for the Gay/Straight Alliance.

What’s more educational that learning about the oppression and hatred fellow students (in this case, LGBT ones) have to deal with on a regular basis?

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)

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  • Wes

    Not to mention that such a ban would eliminate any and all Bible clubs, and the Young Republicans.

  • stogoe

    Well, scorched earth is one way to go…

    Maybe they’re hoping the GSA will get blamed for shutting down the other organizations, instead of the real culprits, the people on the board who are so terrified of people who are even slightly different that they’ll cut off their nose to spite their face. Heck, it’ll probably work.

  • Keri

    This bigotry makes me so angry!! Is there anything we can do????

  • This is the exact thing that happened at my school. One of my close friends (a lesbian) was trying to start a GSA, but our principal said it was school policy that only clubs that were related to the curriculum could form. Never mind that we had stupid clubs like Ping Pong Club (apparently related to Gym), or activist clubs like Amnesty International (Eh? Sociology maybe? Could make the same argument for our GSA). They claimed letting us in would open the doors for Nazi skinheads to come form clubs (Godwin’s law, we win, right?).

    Eventually we complained so much and parents threatened to sue that we came to a “compromise.” We could use one of the library’s side rooms for a meeting space after school, but we weren’t an official club. Of course, it didn’t help when our librarian was extremely conservative and would never unlock the room for us. Also, we basically couldn’t put up fliers because they said the words “gay” and “homosexual” and “sexual orientation” were inappropriate and couldn’t be hung around school. Um, what? How are we supposed to advertise our club if we can’t even say the club’s NAME? They eventually changed their mind and said non-official clubs couldn’t post fliers at all. Of course, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a “non official club” always had its fliers littering the hallways.

    Le sigh. I’m glad to be at college, even though I go to a conservative one. Anything is better than high school.

  • Luther Weeks

    Why is SPORTS included. Lets limit it to academics if we limit it at all. If we include sports lets make sure to include military clubs and the fast food appreciation club as well.

    Or am I the only one who thinks sports is not more important than academics, not to be confused with physical education.

    I’m not against sports as I am reluctantly ok with religion, but I’d just like to keep them from being the focus of school.

  • Cafeeine

    Regarding the emphasis of secondary schools, I personally think that it should support academics, sports and arts in a set proportion. Not everyone has a scholarly inclination.

  • Danielle

    I can’t even relate to this sort of stuff.
    My High School held a “Gay Day” celebration every year. There were booths and posters and music and no one complained except for the Seekers….but they were too polite to really make a stink, they just prayed in a back alley somewhere and the rest of the school ignored them.

    I still can’t wrap my head around the fact theat there are so many ignorant and hateful adults in this country….

  • Einmaliger

    The club could simply change its name/topic to “Gay Sports Club” or “Studies of the Suppression of Homosexuals in Different Cultures and Historical Eras” or something like that. Still, it’s shocking to hear of such backward views. It’s hard to imagine anyone merely suggesting a thing like that here in Germany.

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