Jesus Fries June 16, 2008

Jesus Fries

The scary thing is that the lady appears to be serious:

(via The Information Paradox)

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  • Wow. I’m guessing that’s a french fry? Or a freedom fry? Where’s Homer Simpson when we need him. “Mmmmmm. Jesus shaped fry. Must eat. Chomp. Chomp.”

  • My head just exploded. I mean….

    ow. blood and brains all over my keyboard.

  • Well, to be fair, I know atheists who believe aliens have swarmed the space shuttle before, you can see it in the videos! Light specks, or a curled fry?

  • Bjorn –

    Those people are idiots.

    Have a nice day.

  • Allytude

    Where is the Holy Spirit Ketchup to chomp em up?

  • Wes

    So does this mean that the transubstantiation of the Eucharist contains trans fat?

    If so, the Body of Christ is banned in New York.

  • mmmm…. sacrilicious….

  • Richard Wade

    Okay, so now we can add french fries to the long, long list of stuff that God uses to reveal himself. The guy sure plays with food a lot. No glowing, glory-streaming apparition, not even a human-like visit the way Athena or a Muse might do it, no, this sweet sounding old lady gets a revelation from The Supreme Being in an over-cooked and thoroughly unappetizing pair of french fries stuck together with coagulated grease. When it comes to visitations God’s a cheapskate.

    If that’s the kind of stuff she eats she should get ready to meet her potato maker soon.

  • Crikey! It’s a good job she wasn’t having fish and chips. She could’ve gone for the pair.

  • EKM

    While it does look like a cross, the body is not quite right. No arms, no head, no legs, just a torso that’s way too long.

    Why is it that the 999,999,999 fries that look like nothing are just fries, yet that one in a billion (if that many) that DOES look like Jesus is some irrefutable sign from God?

  • Richard Wade

    Why is it that the 999,999,999 fries that look like nothing are just fries, yet that one in a billion (if that many) that DOES look like Jesus is some irrefutable sign from God?

    Because all those billions of french fries would not be eaten, they’d be sold on eBay. We would lose an important food source and our economy would be seriously damaged. Fries are one of the four main food groups including burgers, malts and cokes. God is showing his infinite wisdom and mercy by keeping his face off the majority of the munchies. The same goes for tortillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, bagels, pizzas, watermelons, blobs of chocolate, chimichangas…..

    Every time I get my fries at McDonalds, I look inside the bag and when I don’t see Jesus, Mary or Elvis I say, “Thank God.”

  • Francois Basson

    When I saw the title I thought of the McCain chips ad we have here in South Africa

  • Richard Wade

    The funniest part of this is the cameraman’s tone of “Uh,… yeah,… that’s pretty exciting,” trying to keep from scoffing at his 88 year old mom, grandma, mother-in-law, neighbor, or whatever. Thinking her eyesight may have something to do with it, he plays with the focus trying to see if blurring the image will make it more suggestive of a figure. Nope. The Cholesterol Crucifix just doesn’t quite make the Deep Fat Apparition Hall of Fame.

  • Richard Wade

    That chips ad is hilarious. An ad like that in the States would cause a small riot. The chips would be boycotted. Have there been any complaints from vision-believing television viewers in South Africa?

  • Francois Basson

    That is an interesting question seeing how ads here are either withdrawn or changed to remove silly little things (I presume) people didn’t like.

    Frankly I don’t know how many complaints there are, but, if its any indication of that, there are at least 2 more versions of this ad that I know of.

    One version features a skeptic of sorts that propose that maybe the chips are so good because they are 99% fat free (or something like that).

    Another version has the lady call herself the chips’ tool; a complete tool.

  • stephanie

    Oh dear. I get fries like that all the time at my local burger joint. I never realized god was sending me a personal message- well, other than that the guy in the back wasn’t washing enough starch off the potatoes…

  • Tom in Iowa

    No, no, no – it isn’t the french fry revelation – did we not see the Little Pink Tea Pot! You can see it clear as day on the cloth!!! It’s Russell’s Tea Pot! Truly it’s a Miracle!

  • If you add ketchup, you can see Christ’s blood.

    Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they eat.

  • Jesus looked more like a grub on the cross. You can see the segments. Jesus with an insect exoskeleton. Must taste like chicken. 😉

  • the Shaggy

    … tick, tick, tick, tick, tick

    Well THAT’S exciting.

  • I think its safe to say I wasn’t converted by evidence of that … AHEM … caliber. But a question emerges, does the fact that 999,999,999 fries look like nothing constitute irrefutable evidence that God does not exist?

  • Richard Wade

    No, I don’t think so, Matt. All those fries constitute irrefutable proof that there are a lot of fries. God’s existence vis a vis fries only comes up in the minds of 88 year old ladies with not enough to do.

    You must remember this,
    A kiss is just a kiss,
    A sigh is just a sigh,
    A cigar is just a cigar
    And a fry is just a fry
    As time goes by.

    Unless of course…. God looks like a regular french fry instead of a man, and the Crispy Crucifix is an aberration rather than a miracle.

    The mind boggles.

  • UKShell

    Shaggy, it is indeed the tick, tick, ticking of the clock in the background that makes this 1min 45s clip so….watchable (purely in a cringeworthy sense). It’s like watching The Office. It makes me wince, but I can’t look away….

    Has she really kept it eight years?? I don’t really catch what she says at the start…

  • J. John Johnstown

    Reminds me of the “Spaghetti Christ” sketch from the Upright Citizens Brigade.

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