And You Thought God Hated Atheists? June 15, 2008

And You Thought God Hated Atheists?

I’m sure He’s even more pissed off at these guys…

Old Men Shouldnt Carry Heavy Church Statues

Anyone know who that statue is supposed to represent? And isn’t that idolatry…?

(Thanks to Mark for the link!)

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  • Richard Wade

    Ouch. I’m just glad nobody was hurt.

  • BoxerShorts

    They broke Jesus!

  • Looks like somebody lost their head…. 😀

  • Maakuz

    oh my god they killed a sculpture!

  • Eliza

    Didn’t you catch God’s finger pushing the handle off the guy’s shoulder?

  • Susan

    My guess is that it’s a statue of Mary that whatever Catholic church that is, is trying to put into place. The sisters appear to be members of the Dominican orders who worship Mary in particular,.

    A poster on another blog called it, “No Statues for Old Men.”

  • Freakin’ awesome!

  • Rawley

    Not sure, but there have been plenty of decapitated saints throughout history.

  • It’s not a statue of Mary. It’s a statue of some man or angel.

  • Derek

    The reaction of the crowd is insane. I swear I can hear people crying.

  • The Unbrainwashed

    Yea I love the reaction of the crowd. It’s amazing how much importance religious people put into such meaningless things.

  • I was just upset that a piece of art got broken…. no matter what it represents.

  • sam

    who the hell carries a statue like that?

  • Show-Ender

    Jeff, that’s not even art to begin with; it’s kitsch!!! Bloody meaningless kitsch!!

  • I actually LOLed.

    I am glad nobody got hurt though.

  • Vincent

    It is a man in gold armor. For some reason St. John (of the Gospel fame) is often depicted wearing armor. The thing in his hand looks like a feather, so could be a quill pen for writing the gospel. I’m guessing it’s St. John the Evangelist.

  • Health and Safety want a word. Are those men trained to move statues? Where are their hard hats? Why wasn’t the statue properly secured and packed for transportation? I don’t believe that they’re wearing high visibility jackets. The crowd hasn’t been partitioned away from the hazard to avoid injury. They aren’t wearing gloves, there’s no matting on the floor and the room is badly lit. *sucking teeth noise* There’s bound to be an accident sooner or later.

  • Richard Wade

    Have them call me. I’ll make them a good copy for a reasonable price in light and strong fiberglass bolted to a super-light palanquin. Those bearers look pretty old, and as young people continue to drift away from the church the faithful doing the lifting will be older and older.

  • Alycia

    They need to have a guy preceeding and waving orange flags like they do when the fork lift comes along at Home Depot.

  • Richard Wade

    A fork lift! LOL! I had promised myself I wouldn’t laugh at this accident that upset so many people and could have injured some, but the vision of a forklift coming down the aisle going beeep beeep beeep beeep over the singing is just too much.

  • It’s gotta be St. Drogo, patron saint of hernias. (Back in the 1960’s, in the wake of Vatican II, the church ditched a whole bunch of saints, including St. Drogo, who really was the patron saint of hernias.)

    As for “who carries a statue this way,” haven’t you folks ever been to Europe? Or to a place in the US with a large foreign-born Catholic population? Have you at least seen “Godfather, Part II?”

    And the crowd’s reaction may have had something to do with the fact that the statue landed right next to an elderly nun. Im sure she’s going to be known around the convent as Sister Mary Shit-Your-Pants after this.

    And you can just imgine everybody saying, “Thank GOD no one was hurt!”

  • TXatheist

    Graven image? Maybe they are just following one of the 10 C in a conspiracy…

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