Atheist Days June 14, 2008

Atheist Days

For anyone who might be able to make it, there’s a three-day atheist party taking place at Half Moon Beach in Strasburg, VA (about an hour from Washington, D.C.) taking place in mid-August!


Registration is not up and running yet, but it will be shortly. When it is open, you’ll be able to sign up on this site.

Bookmark the page and keep an eye out for it!

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  • Wow! If only it wasn’t too damn hot to want to be outside in that area during August! I hope they get a decent turnout – it could end up being a great model for other events.

  • Congrats, and have a great time there.

  • David D.G.

    “An Unbelievably Good Time” — yeah, I cracked up! Kudos to the ad guys for that one.

    ~David D.G.

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