No Baby Jokes Please :) June 12, 2008

No Baby Jokes Please :)

If I’m not around here as much in the next few weeks, this is why:

Aidan Clawson

 Aidan Elessar Clawson – b. June 11, 2008, 3:15pm – 8 lbs, 1 oz; 20 inches

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  • Tracy

    What a cutie patootie!

  • Congrats and enjoy him! My wife and I had our son on 29-APR-2008 and it’s amazing to see how they change every day! The only thing I would recommend getting is a “Miracle Blanket“, it works wonders!

  • Meg


  • Congrats, Mike! Good looking kiddo.

  • Arlen

    Congratulations! What a cute kid!

  • Congrats Mike! And don’t worry about bringing this one to New Mexico, I don’t live there anymore…

  • Siamang


    Ellesar. Nice.

  • the Shaggy

    Congrats, Mike! That’s one fine looking kid!

    And Elessar? You’re such a nerd. 🙂

  • Joseph R.

    Congratulations, Mike and family! Well maybe just one little baby joke.(I couldn’t help myself)

    A Baby on the Way

    For weeks, a 6-year old lad kept telling his first-grade teacher about the baby brother or sister that was expected at his house.

    One day the mother allowed the boy to feel the movements of the unborn child.

    The 6-year old was obviously impressed, but he made no comment.

    Furthermore, he stopped telling his teacher about the impending event.

    The teacher finally sat the boy on her lap and said, “Tommy, whatever became of that baby brother or sister you were expecting at home?”

    Tommy burst into tears and confessed, “I think Mommy ate it!”

    ***Just some random site that I googled for a tasteful baby joke and this is what came up, go figure***

  • Congratulations!

  • Danny Keith James

    Well done, Mike!

  • Karen

    How wonderful! Many congratulations to you and your family. 🙂

  • Cool, a baby fresh from his wrapper. Congratulations.

  • I’ll give you $5 for it?

    It’s so cute! 🙂

    Hope Julie is feeling well!

  • Anticontrame


    Now I’m hungry. 🙂

  • Cutie! Congrats to your family!

  • Ha. I didn’t look at the tagline first, so my initial reaction was, “oh, Hemant’s going to a dinner party…”

  • Awwww… Babies are cute. Doesn’t make me want one of my own, but they really are cute. Congratz!

    Great name, too! I’ve always liked the name Aidan.

  • Polly


  • Cute!!!


    You should have plenty of late night and early morning opportunities to blog, though, while burping the little one 🙂

  • Kate

    So very cute!!!!

  • congrats. Very cute.

  • SpursFan


    Mucho Congrats! Good luck with the new addition.

  • mikespeir

    Right respectable looking kid. Named after Tozer, was he? (Actually, Tozer spelled his name “Aiden.”)

  • Susan

    Adorable!!! Congrats and best wishes! Please give Aidan many soft kisses and hugs for me.

  • Eliza

    Congratulations, Mike & Julie!!! Hope everyone is well (your site says emergency C-section…). How is your daughter taking to being a big sister so far?

  • Hello little one,
    The world awaits you…
    What do you see
    With your eyes anew?
    What do you hear
    With your ears so pure?
    What do you feel
    With your heart afresh?
    May you only breathe
    The air of love;
    May your tiny fingers
    Sooth our morrow…

    Congrats to you and your family, Mike!! 🙂

  • philosophia

    Congratulations 🙂

  • Beth

    Welcome to Earth, baby Aidan. Live long, learn much, and prosper always.

  • Richard Wade

    Very adorable baby. And standing up already! Now Mike, stop reading this blog and get some sleep. You’ll need to catch every possible minute of sleep as you already know.

  • cipher

    Beautiful baby! Congratulations!

  • ash

    just thought i’d add to the general sentiment, Mike, congratulations!

  • Named after Tozer, was he? (Actually, Tozer spelled his name “Aiden.”)

    I actually didn’t know Tozer’s first name was Aiden (and I’m not a huge fan of him anyway). We basically just liked the name, but I guess you could say he’s also named after Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne (which my wife and I visited on our honeymoon in England). I also liked the meaning of the Irish name: “little fire” (or alternately, “fire god”), though I admit, we’re just asking for trouble with that one. 🙂

  • ed

    Congratulations! Here’s wishing you long life and great health!

  • Darryl

    Mike, congrats on the birth of such a beautiful boy. I cherish my kids more than I can say. I realized after they came along that I wasn’t fully alive till I became a Dad. Great name. I hope, and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed, that you’re every bit the father you want to be. I’ll smoke one for you.

  • He’s adorable, Mike. How did that happen? You aren’t the least bit adorable.

  • Maria

    he’s so cute! congrats!

  • He’s adorable, Mike. How did that happen? You aren’t the least bit adorable.

    God only knows. 😉

  • J Myers

    That’s a nice-looking atheist there, Mike–congratulations! And don’t worry; I’m sure it’s just a phase.

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