Maybe Bananas Aren’t Our Worst Nightmare After All… June 12, 2008

Maybe Bananas Aren’t Our Worst Nightmare After All…

Ali G proves it. Meanwhile, Creationist Kent Hovind is just as ignorant as usual:

By the way, in an interview with Hellbound Alleee a while back, Ray Comfort conceded the banana argument:

Alleee: So what do you think- The banana thing has been going around the Internet- I don’t know if you know this-

Ray: Well, the banana thing’s kinda tongue-in-cheek. Noone should really take it too seriously.

Alleee: Okay, so- I just wanted to- because there’s been a lot of talk- even like… Penn from “Penn and Teller” is talking about this. There’s been a lot of talk about this- the banana thing about how God made it so perfectly for humans but… the biggest- the most logical argument I’ve heard and actually made myself was that God didn’t make the banana. Because… it’s called horticulture.

Ray: Where does it come from?

Alleee: Well, man- the banana originally- well, I don’t know how originally it was, but the wild banana-

Franc: It’s called the…

Alleee: Plantain, right. Before the plantain, the banana was kind of hard and not very tasty and not- not what we have designed it to fit the hand better… bananas are big and plump and sweet because of what we have done-

Ray: The thing is, I wouldn’t let the banana thing worry you.

Aaron: [laughing]

Alleee: Well, I’m just saying that… there are very few plants- and we argue with some environmentalists a lot who- who don’t believe in bioengineered food- because most food that we eat of course is farmed and is… done through horticulture and we’ve engineered these fruits and vegetables to be more tasty to us. So actually, the banana seems to be not- not made by God at this point, it’s more like… what came first, the banana or the hand? You know? Man took the banana and made it better for man, rather than the other way…

Ray: Okay, you’ve got that one. You can have the banana.

Franc: [laughing] We win! We win!

You can listen to it here (MP3, begins at the 20:46 mark).

Hmm… I don’t think this will put an end to it. YouTube never forgets.

Neither do Jesus and Mo.

(via The Daily Dish)

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  • So what, they let him out now?

  • anon


    No. This is an old video from the “Ali G Show”.

    Kent Hovind is possibly the biggest idiot in history.

  • Brandon

    Clearly we cannot leave out the peanut butter argument

  • Cade

    Does anyone else find it interesting that he talks about religion with such a bad connotation? They do this all the time.

    “They’re a religion so they’re just making things up!”
    “Oh, wait…”

  • Darryl

    The look of Hovind brings a Woody Allen line to mind. It’s from “Crimes and Misdemeanors:”

    Clifford Stern: “Don’t listen to what your teachers tell ya, you know. Don’t pay attention. Just, just see what they look like and that’s how you’ll know what life is really gonna be like.”

    I didn’t really have to watch the video, you know, I could just tell what he was going to say.

  • I heart Ali G!

  • Combine the banana bit with the peanut butter bit, and man, do those creationists have the evolutionists cornered! 😉

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