Greatest Tattoo EVER June 10, 2008

Greatest Tattoo EVER

One of the guests at the World Humanist Congress showed me a tattoo located on his arm.

It says “Heretic” though it takes a second to see that:


But wait! That’s not all!

Rotate it 180 degrees…


Has your mind been blown yet?

I love ambigrams.

I feel a sudden urge to go reread Angels & Demons.

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  • Read Angels and Demons? Willingly?

    Are you ill? Should I send a card?

  • Okay… its saying “Heretic” both way, correct? hrm.

  • Siamang
  • Am I blind or what? I can’t see it saying anything but heretic. Confused…

    Personally, I’m fond of my American Atheist tattoo on my arm. It can’t be confused with ANYTHING! LOL

  • Mythprogrammer

    I read Heretic one way, Heroic the other 😀

  • It says “heretic” both ways 🙂 Hence, ambigram. Though heroic would still be cool…

  • Cade

    Honestly, I tried reading the tattoo before I knew what it said, and I got nothing. It’s a little like how listening to stairway to heaven backwards is a whole demonic verse, but only when they tell you what it says. 😉

  • If people are interested in seeing the Angels and Demons ambigrams, they’re here.

    I read the book. It’s exactly what you’d expect from Dan Brown. You know a conspiracy here, secret society there, lots of references to famous art and history, and a big reveal at the end. If you enjoy that sort of thing.

  • I’m with Cade. There was nothing there for me until I was told what it means. Which is cool in a way I guess. *shrug*

  • Tracy

    I LIKE it….it’s part of my normal screen name “HereticChick” 😉

  • David D.G.

    Eww! A hairy tick!


    ~David D.G.

  • Pseudonym

    For every person in the world, there’s someone else that considers them a heretic.

  • P.S.

    …so nobody else thought it read “horny” when they first saw it?

    *slinks away*

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