Friendly Atheist Contest #28: Atheist Campaign Promises May 28, 2008

Friendly Atheist Contest #28: Atheist Campaign Promises

Last week, I ran this contest:

Imagine you’re running for president… of American Atheists.

What are your campaign promises?

Here are the Top 3 not-so-serious responses (with submitters)!


That’s easy: All-you-can-eat baby buffet, Satanic Ritual Sundays, Communist ping-pong, Bible-burning class, a better Darwin shrine, and a bubble-gum machine in the lobby.



More Atheist holidays so you can get a day off work.



The Jews have Israel, the Catholics have the Vatican, the Mormons have Utah – it’s time we reclaimed ownership of our ancestral unHoly Land – Las Vegas!

(Ubi Dubium)

Congratulations to the winners! The top three will be receiving specially-made Friendly Atheist wristbands (in the color of their choice), sent to me by blog reader Shauna and her sister Danni!


If you’d like to win your own wristband, here is the new contest:

This one’s an art contest.

Just make any piece of visual art (digital, traditional painting, craft, sculpture, etc.) that represents atheism in some form.

The more symbolism you decide to use, the better!

You can send your pics to: email.JPG

(Thanks to Kirsty for the idea!)

Funny and creative answers will have a shot at winning.

Good luck!

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  • Isaah Vincent

    sweet! i won one! can i get it at the conference?!?

  • David D.G.

    Sorry, I tried to submit something here, but I can’t seem to get it right. Never mind.

    ~David D.G.

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