Faith Off May 27, 2008

Jews versus Muslims.

Who wins?

How about Hindus against Buddhists?

We will soon find out

Faith Off, the working title of a series on the Islam Channel, will attempt to promote good relations and mutual respect between Britain’s religious communities. Two teams of four will go head to head in each episode, answering quick-fire and general knowledge questions in the eight-part series hosted by the Muslim comedian Jeff Mirza.

There will be a multiple choice current affairs segment in addition to a home or away round, when contestants can answer questions on their own faith or the opposing team’s for further points.

Players will also have to identify religious figures, such as the Dalai Lama and the Pope, from blurred footage.

Oh my god, they just created Scene It: Religion.

Talk about Holy War…

It just gets better:

The programme is likely to have all the elements of a traditional gameshow – a garish set, flashing lights, puns and loud buzzers – plus the added twist of headscarves, turbans and yarmulkes.

You don’t win a lot of money. Over three rounds, only £200 is up for grabs.

But the pride… oh, the pride…

I wonder whose side God will be on.

This show could be *much* more entertaining if it took after American Gladiators… but you gotta appreciate the educational approach they’re trying to take.

The show begins airing on June 15th on (not kidding) the Islam Channel.

(Thanks to HoverFrog for the link!)

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  • Richard Wade

    General knowledge questions? You gotta be kidding. I hope there are lots of questions about evolution, biology, geology and astronomy. Might end up as funny as Jay Leno’s “Jay Walking.”

    No, they should pit these religious teams against each other in contests like we all loved in Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, (MXC) with people banging their heads and falling into mud, septic sludge and other wonderfully disgusting prat falls.

    That would be much more entertaining.

  • I believe this has already been settled.

    My sophomore year in college a bunch of us from the Glee Club convened together to bear witness to a contest for the ages: a game of Monopoly between a Jew, a Catholic, a Muslim, and a Baha’i dude, to decide once and for all the One True Religion.

    The Catholic guy won. True story. You heard it here first guys.

  • Just found it on my Sky-TV guide (channel 813). Oddly, it wasn’t in the “Religion” section, but under “International”.

  • mikespeir

    This can’t end well.

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