Weekend Randomness May 26, 2008

Weekend Randomness

A collection of amusing links send by readers over the weekend:

  • A California Ford dealership doesn’t want the business of any non-Christians — with audio of the offensive commercial! (via Spazeboy)
  • Best Bar Mitzvah speech *ever* (via Anne)

  • Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuroscientist, experienced “nirvana” during (and after) a stroke. Dr. Taylor’s talk at TED can be seen here (via MTran):
  • She seems bemused but not at all put off by the hundreds who have reached out to her on a spiritual level. Religious ecstatics who claim to see angels have asked her to appear on their radio and television programs.

    She has declined these offers. Although her father is an Episcopal minister and she was raised in his church, she cannot be counted among the traditionally faithful. “Religion is a story that the left brain tells the right brain,” she said.

    Still, Dr. Taylor says, “nirvana exists right now.”

  • Comedian (and former host of The Man Show) Doug Stanhope on the Bible (via bulldog923):

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  • David Crespo

    Jill Taylor’s experience sounded a hell of a lot like the experiences of those using drugs like mescaline or LSD. Ego death, etc. I’d be curious to see how religious (or “spiritual”, if you like) she was before the stroke.

  • Jane

    That WAS the best Bar Mitzvah speech ever! Awesome.

  • bernarda

    I have seen this radio ad on a few blogs, but none seem to know this video/song “WWJD” – “Ford is what Jesus would drive”.


  • I’ve been having a lot of fun at Kieffe & Son’s Ford dealership’s expense, ever since I first heard the ad in February.

  • Jen

    I would love to see the financial records from that dealership- to see if their sales have gone up or down.

    I know I would never shop there. I patronize businesses run by Christians, since there are many places I go where the religion is unknown, and I also shop at at least one store with a fair amount of religious whatever on the walls, but these dealership? They made it less about “we believe” and more about “what the fuck is wrong with you, non-believer?”

  • severalspeciesof

    From the Doug Stanhope video:

    …then why are you wearing a seatbelt?

    That says it all!! LMAO

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