WWJD? May 24, 2008

Now this is a shirt that would draw some stares…


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  • SarahH

    Er, betray someone for money and then regret it? I don’t really see what the shirt’s trying to get at, beyond drawing attention/controversy.

    Maybe I’m just dense?

  • Actually Sarah, Judas was the only one who was actually listening to Jesus when he spoke. Jesus told them all what was coming and Judas was the ONLY disciple to be a support to help Jesus facilitate what he had to do. The others fought against it and in essence defied what Jesus clearly wanted to do. Not exactly something a good disciple should do. Go Judas!!!

    BTW, I doubt if Judas would feel this way about Family Values: WWJD: Family Values

  • Luke 22:3 says he’d get possessed, so does John 13:27. Only at different times.

    Or he could snog another bloke: Matthew 26:47-49, Mark 14:43-45, Luke 22:47-48

    Or he could buy a potter’s field with his bribe money and explode: Acts 1:18…or maybe throw the money away and hang himself: Matthew 27:5.

    More importantly he could just get a really bad reputation for doing what he had no choice to do. Free will, just not for Judas.

  • Becky

    I love it! =D

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