Random Thoughts on TV May 21, 2008

Random Thoughts on TV

This has nothing to do with anything.

  • Is anyone else as obsessed as I am about Lost?
  • Do you watch campaign coverage? All I watch now is MSNBC… nothing else will do anymore… I think I have a man crush on Keith Olbermann.
  • Why have none of you informed me about the awesomeness of Flight of the Conchords until this past weekend?

  • American Idol? Dancing with the Stars? Don’t care. Not watching. Someone bring back Survivor.
  • I get physically angry if I see shows where someone wins lots of money for doing virtually nothing. Like Wheel of Fortune or Deal or No Deal or Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?. I think I have issues… (Sorry, Pastor Wick.)
  • What are you watching…?
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  • Becky

    Dang! I should have told you about FOTC; I assumed as an awesome person you were aware of that awesome show.


  • Kate

    Ohmygoodness – BUSINESS TIME is the best song. Erik always sings it to me just to make me mad. He even does the “sock dance”.

  • I so concur with everything in this post that I could have written it myself. Except I’m a girl, so I guess I can’t have man crushes. Just burning-love, marry-me-Keith crushes.

  • Milena

    During this last school-year, I almost completely cut tv out of my life, to the point where I watched one hour of CSI:NY a week, plus some news with my morning coffee and during the evenings if the tv was already on. I did watch the coverage for Super Tuesday, while doing math homework, I believe, and that was a pretty big tv evening for me.

    Then, last Friday, after taking my last exam (last high-school exam of my life!), I sat down and literally watched three hours and a half of anything that was on tv, including half an hour of some tv station that played nothing but movie trailers. I had absolutely no standards. It felt so good!

    Oh, and I never watch tv on the weekend. I just can’t do it, I hate weekend tv. And reality television.

    Those are pretty much all my tv habits.

  • Re: Lost — My theory is that Locke is the 5th Cylon.

  • Gadren

    I have a man-crush on Brian Williams. Ever seen his interviews on the Daily Show?

    And I’m sick of American Idol, especially since my current residence of Utah is utterly obsessed with their own David Archuleta.

  • 5ive

    That’s why they call them “business socks”
    I don’t watch real TV. Only DVDs… My faves have recently ben:
    Flight of the Conchords
    The Wire

    And while I don’t watch tv, I do listen to podcasts…
    Radio Lab is the absolute best! And This American Life, of course…

  • CybrgnX

    After watching lots of crap on cable with 850 chennels and only watching 5 only on weekends. I decided they were not worth the $75 the cable was charging. My house is quiet, the electricity bill lower, and my intellect is not being suched away by the aliens in charge of programming. For movies I watch videos and thus my TV’s wont die in 2009.

  • Spurs Fan

    “When I’m done you say’ ‘Was that it?’. But. girl, I know what you really mean: ‘That was it‘”

    Business Time is okay, but I prefer “Sello Tape” the best. Flight of the Conchords is simply one of the best comic duos ever.

  • Tracy

    Reruns….lots of reruns. I started watching Lost, then I forgot all about it. Now I watch reruns of Stargate, Law & Order and the occasional episode of Supernatural. The only show I watch religiously (lol) is Battlestar Galactica!

  • AV

    Why have none of you informed me about the awesomeness of Flight of the Conchords until this past weekend?

    Clearly you haven’t been reading my blog.

    “‘Cause there ain’t no party like my nana’s tea party . . HEY!! HO!!”

  • My family and I are Survivor junkies. I think it’s interesting that they’re going back to Africa… but my dad is still disappointed they haven’t picked somewhere far away from the Equator, like Greenland or Canada.

  • Robin

    The only shows on the air that I actually care about enough to watch regularly are:

    “Boston Legal”, mainly for William Shatner.
    “Battlestar Galactica”, which is a great show, which incidentally has some great man-candy on it,
    “The Tudors”.

    I watch LOTS of movies on TCM, the greatest channel in the history of the civilized world.

  • I am freaking insane over Lost.

    You have no idea how pissed I am that there won’t be an episode tomorrow night, and that after next week, there won’t be another new episode for essentially an eternity… PROVIDED the Screen Actors’ Guild doesn’t strike.

    Of course, I know the finale is going to answer just enough questions to keep me hooked, and leave enough open (while open a whole bunch more) that I will be even MORE pissed about the season ending (as if last season’s finale wasn’t bad enough).

  • From top to bottom

    – No

    – No, i’m not American, I’ll start checking when the actual elections begin

    – Informed you of what now?

    – Agreed, though with the national equivalents

    – So do I. Though it gives me great joy to see greedy people screw up.

    – Doctor Who, Galactica, Simpson (yes, still), Jericho (we’re a bit slow over here).
    soon to be watching Stargate Atlantis

  • Julie

    I am so in love with Jemaine that I don’t even know what to do with myself sometimes. I mean, I love him. Like a 7th grader loves some celebrity. He makes me giddy. Those guys are so frickin’ funny and we’ve gotten a few people hooked on that show.

    Hemant, did you know that Bret was an elf in LOTR? Just a little trivia.

    Lost makes me nuts for a different reason. I hate that it has me so hooked. It’s like having Fritos in the house. I can’t do much else until the Fritos are gone or the Lost episode is off the Tivo. And neither Lost nor Fritos are really that great–just totally irresistible.

  • Polly

    I’ve seen every “Seinfeld” episode at least 117 times.
    I love “The Office” with Steve Carell.
    If I can stay awake, I watch the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno

    Whatever I added to my Netflix queue back in ’06

    Yup, you guessed it. I don’t have cable.

  • Polly

    And I don’t plan on buying one of those digital converter boxes in 2009, either.

  • Josha

    My favorite shows right now are:
    -‘The Daily Show’ and ‘Colbert Report’
    -60 Minutes
    -Cash Cab (I am so getting in that cab when I visit NY in 2 weeks)

  • Bostonian

    I’ll echo Derek’s comment. I’m thoroughly devoted to Lost. Right now I’m liking the theories that suggest Locke and Ben are going to physically move the island in space, not time. As in:


  • Airi

    So so so so so agreed, except about FOTC, I don’t get the hype on that one. I am a TOTAL Lostie and Countdown is probably my favorite (real) news show on TV. I love survivor. I saw Yauman from the Fiji season at a Richard Dawkins speech and book signing! Also, Office, Daily Show, and Colbert.

  • Susan

    I’m totally addicted to “House, M.D.” The hysterical crying sounds you may have heard on Monday night were coming from the direction of my living room.

  • QI, Father Ted, and lucha libre…

  • Kori

    I love Flight of the Conchords… I don’t really watch t.v. much, if at all, though. But Flight of the Conchords is hilarious.

  • So not with this thread, don’t watch much TV.

  • I LOVE LOST! In fact I was just at a lost fan site (darkufo.blogspot.com) when I clicked over here! Seriously I think about Lost every day!

    I concur with most of your other points also.

  • Also, I watch House, Boston Legal, Attack of the Show, and a few different sitcoms, occasionally. But the only show I watch every week (and rewatch twice every week) is Lost. It’s the greatest show of all time.

  • Xeonicus

    I try to keep up with Lost, Reaper, The Office, and Battlestar Galatica. I’m more or less successful, depending on how busy I am. It’s all Tivo’d though, so I can watch it whenever. Then their is the weekly shot of anime I watch: Naruto, Bleach, Vampire Knight, Code Geass, and D.Gray-man.

    P.S. I love Flight of the Conchords too.

  • Jen

    I love How I Met Your Mother. Call me, Neil Patrick Harris! (yes, I know he’s gay.) The show has some awesome relationships/friendships, a fantastic sense of humor, well developed characters, and Bob Sagat.

    I have gotten into the habit of watching The Big Bang, too. I am not proud of this, but the theme song is catchy, and the smartest character on the show is an atheist.

    30 Rock is hilarious. Call me, Tracy Morgan!

    And I love, forever and always, Scrubs.

  • Big Bang theory is a fantiastic show. my husband and I laugh and laugh… until we come to the horrifying conclusion that the show is about… well… our friends from college. And… well…. my husband.

    I think it is amusing that the Flight of the Conchords have been spying on us in our bedroom for the last eight years, but I didn’t think they would actually go and write a song about it.

  • Louis Doench

    I was the first of my gang to catch the lost bug, and I’ve also been the first to recover from it.

    I’d love to watch more but with 2 lil kids, I spend all day playing outside or watching noggin.

    Then the kids take til 9pm to get to bed. Then I’ve maybe got an hour and a half to catch up on Good Eats, wrestling, Mythbusters or a Reds game, then its bedtime, cuz the 1 year old will wake up to start the cyclew anew at 6:30!

    Would love to be able to block off a weekend this winter, get a hotel room with a DVD player, and watch the whole run of “The Wire”

  • Sam M

    I’ve been subscribing to the RSS feed for a couple of months now, and THIS is what brings me out from lurking to comment? What a sad, strange little man I am… but more to the point:

    I am really very excited about the new season of The Mole coming up on ABC. It ran for two seasons (celebrity mole doesn’t count) and I’m psyched that they’re finally bringing it back. Mark your calendars!! June 2nd!!!

  • I’m pretty much obsessed with LOST. It’s the only drama I watch (otherwise I watch comedies: Family Guy, South Park, The Office, It’s Always Sunny, Flight of the Conchords, and The Daily Show).
    lost-forums.com is probably the best LOST website out there. They are connected to another site lost-media.com (i think) that has screenshots from every single show. I think they are at 2 second intervals. So tons of good pictures.

  • Absolutely and totally obsessed with Lost. I want to do naughty things to Sayid…Love FOTC. I have a woman crush on Keith. I got bored with Survivor the last 2 seasons. I always watch the audition episodes of AI, but I never continue once they’ve chosen the contestants. I don’t watch stupid game shows, but I do have the Are You Smarter…? game on my phone, and it can be challenging! Nothing pisses me off more than losing that damn game.

  • Quite obsessed with LOST here myself. It’s really the only show I watch regularly, along with playoff hockey right now.

    And feel free to call me “Wick”.

    And if it helps…Wheel of Fortune was intense. 26 letters to choose from every time! I’m just glad I made it out alive….hehe. (You’re right, those games usually frustrate me too.)

  • Karen

    Hemant! I recommended Flight of the Conchords about three weeks ago. (I always suspected he didn’t read the comments – here’s my proof!) We just finished S1 on DVD – it is awesome.

    Wow – lots of Losties here! Who knew? I must (red-facedly) admit to being a totally insane Skater. 😉

    My older son and I never miss Lost, BSG, The Daily Show and Colbert. The whole family watches House, The Office and 30 Rock. That’s about the extent of our TV schedule these days, since we don’t like any reality shows except for The Amazing Race and Project Runway.

  • Hemant! I recommended Flight of the Conchords about three weeks ago. (I always suspected he didn’t read the comments – here’s my proof!) We just finished S1 on DVD – it is awesome.

    Ok, that one got through me 😛 But I do read the comments! There are a lot, though, in a given day, so I tend to skim those on threads that have 329423 comments. I’ll look for specific questions asked, or any problems, or my name (in case someone asks me something). During the school year, it’s hard to keep up with the increasing amount of emails that come just from this site!

  • Hemant,

    Concur about Lost and FOTC … both ROCK!!!

    I only watch Survivor if Jonathan Penner is on it … my Wife used to be his assistant in Hollywood … without him it sucks … when I heard Pavarti won this past season I vowed never to watch it again.

    Check out the Graham Norton Show on BBC America on Saturday night … you’ll laugh your ass off!!!


  • Joe

    – Lost My Mind – I am absolutely addicted to Lost. At this point, I’ve watched each episode at least twice. I spend way too much time on the Fueslage and DarkUFO sites reading theories and conversing. Great stuff!

    -Olber-man-Crush – I’m starting to believe I too have a man-crush on Keith Olbermann. I Tivo and watch every night. It’s damn refreshing…

    – American Idontcare – I find myself having no interest whatsoever in American Idol and the like. Reality TV, etc, just doesn’t interest me.

    – Pissed Off TV – That doesn’t make me as angry as: Bill O’Reilly, Professional Wresting, Dr. Phil.

    – Other Shows – House, Law & Order (original and SVU), Heroes, Monk, Psych, Simpsons, South Park… I’m sure there are more thanks to Tivo.

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