Heaven and Hell May 21, 2008

Heaven and Hell

From The New Yorker weekly cartoon caption contest:


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  • Kate

    I like it!!!

    Erik and I had discussed this once…that what if Heaven was being with God, and everyone went there, so that it would be true heaven for people that wanted it, and would be “hell” (or at least really unpleasant) for people who didn’t. One of our more intellectual, less shout-y religious discussions. 😉

  • sabrina

    Very clever. A+!!!

  • So true 🙂

    But, the interesting part is that this portrayal of Hell is actually far less painful and ironic than possibly the worst Hell imaginable: having to deal with the people are purportedly in Heaven. Hell is not eternal boredom, nor having your viscera spilled out in the fiery abyss. Hell is listening to evangelists talk about how great Jesus is for the remainder of your endless existence.

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