God Hates China May 17, 2008

God Hates China

According to Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church, God hates the Chinese.

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more vicious (PDF), they add racism to their repertoire:



Just makes you want to receive Christ in your heart, doesn’t it?

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  • Daryl26

    Interesting how they don’t specify what these “blessings” the Chinese frolic in are.

  • Just a reminder – this church is a very extreme group that does not seem to have much in common with the Christ they speak of.

  • Rugs are Oriental; Ingrates are not.

  • Psychosis. How do people hate others this much? I realize that not all religious people are like this, but it makes me wonder whats really under the cloak of goodwill that most religious people wear. Its scary what people will say in order to appear neutral, and still have a harmful agenda. I’m sure a few televangelists will have quite a bit to say about the quake and cyclones and have the same meaning as the WBC cloaked in a more “neutral” message of damnation.

  • You know I’ve gone along for years believing that those freaks were sincere, but I’m beginning to suspect the whole Westboro thing is nothing more than an elaborate parody (like the Flat Earth Society). They must be laughing to themselves and saying, “this time we’ve gone too far, everyone will know it’s just a big hoax”, yet people keep eating it up.

  • Claire

    Didn’t we just see this post? No, wait, that was the post about the ‘Stuff God Hates’ blog, which told me he hated Asia….

    Is there a word for it when the lunatic fringe meets the parody site with almost identical ideas? If there isn’t, there should be.

  • “Is there a word for it when the lunatic fringe meets the parody site with almost identical ideas? If there isn’t, there should be.”

    Poe’s Law?

  • 4oz. of reason

    Luckily, the Chinese have a common saying that’s just perfect to respond: Fred Phelps, “F— your eighteen generations.” (in Chinese, of course) Not that hard since most of those generations are already around…

  • blue Lizard

    The churches today are confussed about the scriptures when they speak of earthquakes, food shortages and other horrible disasters we have in this world. These are signs that we all in this earth live in the last days. God is a God of love 1 John 4:8.

  • Charles

    Hemant, the WBC express mission is not to earn converts, they feel it is their biblical duty to tell the world they are damned to hell. They feel that when the end times come, it will only be a small number of people who go to heaven.

    blue Lizard That’s one bible quote, they’ve got quite a few more.

    These are people who take the bible very literally, and let’s be honest, for the most part it’s a nasty piece of work.

  • mikespeir

    Clearly, I jumped the gun in jumping the Christian ship.

  • It should be mentioned that mainstream Christianity has it that Jesus is infinitely more cruel than what Fred Phelps depicts. Fred simply said that Jesus (or God) killed thousands of Chinese. The whole premise of mainstream Christianity (not just the lunatic fringe) is that the “rebels against God” will be tortured for an ETERNITY after they die. That’s much worse than a simple one-time killing. This is what is taught in almost EVERY Christian church (Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, etc…). Fred simply states mainstream Christian beliefs in a politically incorrect way.

  • JB

    The first time I read something from the Westboro Baptists I thought it WAS a parody of fundamentalists, because really, is anybody actually this dumb and insensitive? I had not thought it possible.

    Even if hell were real, I’d gladly spend an eternity there than share heaven with this pack of lunatic morons.

  • Check out the “Your pastor is a whore” video from the
    Westboro Baptist video collection, top right in the grid.

    These videos HAVE to be a parody of Christianity. Either that or Westboro Baptist is the only true Christian church left in the world. 😉

  • An Earthquake that kills 30,000 people is Gods way of smiting China? God better better crackin’, only 1 billion oriental ingrates to go!

  • Xeonicus

    Not really sure if racism is the precise term. Asia is well known as a bastion free of Christian influence. Japan is one of the most secular countries in the world for instance, and Buddhism in general is much more popular than Christianity over there. I get the feeling that some of the resentment that Christians feel is more about their lack of faith than it is about their race. It’s actually quite similar to the attitude that many Christians have about atheists here in the United States.

    Then again, maybe many of them are just bigoted backwater assholes that need a reason to spout their racism. Who knows…

  • Oh, how I wish that a tornado came along and smashed their little compound to pieces, killed everyone of them, and then let them come back to life just long enough for someone to say “God hates Westboro Baptist”. Until then, they’re just doing God’s work. And, as we all know, God is an awful, senseless prick.

  • Cade

    At first I misread this as Landover Baptist Church instead of Westboro. I scanned the article thinking “yeah, that sounds about right.”

    And then I realized my mistake.

    But in all honesty, this is just a fringe group. They represent a small minority of the views of Christians. It’s much more fruitful to point out the Jerry Falwells that actually have a following.

  • Aspentroll

    Didn’t Fred and his family of weirdos just lose a law suit for their activities
    at a soldiers funeral? I believe they have to pay 11 Million dollars for their
    moronic activities. Or did some of the other churches all kick in to help them in their time of need?
    Maybe churches are not forced to pay lawsuits? They don’t pay taxes.

  • Aspentroll said,
    Didn’t Fred and his family of weirdos just lose a law suit for their activities at a soldiers funeral? I believe they have to pay 11 Million dollars for their moronic activities.

    Here is what the family of weirdoes has to say about that. I think Fred had about 13 children…

  • js0476

    I served in Kuwait in operation noble eagle. If that fuck shows up at the funeral of a vet in my area I will beat the crap out of him. I will happily spend a couple of weeks in county lock up.

  • Aubrey

    js0476, I’m seriously surprised someone hasn’t done that already. Instead senseless violence only takes the good, innocent people

  • JBM

    Another highly instructive tract from Westboro. (Please note dripping sarcasm.) Of course, it’s not really God that hates China, it’s the clowns at Westboro. God doesn’t hate fags, Fred Phelps does. This type of behavior is symptomatic of many believers, where stated conclusions regarding God’s supposed judgement serves as a surrogate for their own. Why don’t these people get the stones to come out and say what they really believe rather than hide behind something equivalent to a metaphysical thought experiment? Or is it the domain of otherwise mediocre and pathetic minds to simply refer to their own hatreds, obsessions, and other pathological disorders as “God’s will”. Judging from the actions of the WBC, the answer to this last question is obvious.

    JS0476, just let me know if you do. I’ll be there to post your bail.


  • Zen

    Wait, what about the Chinese Christians that died in the quake? Are they ingrates as well?

  • Wapanese_Pwnz_Emo

    I’m truely suprised that they’ve never made a “God Hates Japan” website, I mean what with all the gender-bending Visual Kei goth rock bands, and anime yaoi porn and age of consent set at 13yo. And doesn’t Japan have an earthquake or some terrorist nerve gas attack every 30 minutes? C’mon Fred, step up your game… =P

    Do it Fred! Do it so we can lulz at you. ^_^

  • lu2

    well i hate them to…to think about doing missionary by reproducing kids so much in almost every country just because they’re not allowed on their country…what a bust huh…

  • Greg B.

    I’m sure that now after the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, the announcement of God’s hate for Japan will be forthcoming. It was my search to see if they had already declared such “holy revelation” that brought me to this posting of yours.

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