Hallelujah! May 7, 2008



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  • Forgive my ignorance, did he win? Or was it just another one of those primary thingies?

  • He hasn’t won the candidacy yet. He just won a primary in North Carolina. Of course, he lost the one in Indiana, but by a smaller margin than the margin by which he won NC, meaning that he is now further ahead of Hillary than he was before, and slightly less than 200 delegates away from getting electing (having a 150 delegate advantage over Hillary). Things are looking good for Big O, basically, even if primary season still lives on.

  • Airi

    He didn’t “win,” not yet at least, but Hillary is finally starting to go down. She’s done for, haha. Oh and yes, it was two primaries.

  • If Clinton doesn’t leave either now or after next week’s primaries I think it’ll be proof that she’s bat shit crazy.

  • Derek

    Haven’t we already gone through enough primaries to know she’s bat shit crazy?

  • this is striking to me. you see, greece had a ‘change’ campaign going by one party in the 1980’s.
    they won.
    nothing changed.

    i’m cynical, but these things now somehow ring empty.

  • The Unbrainwashed

    Sorry, it doesn’t resonate with me either. Change is an empty word. Listen, we all know the Bush administration sucked. Attaching a vague buzz word to that sentiment doesn’t mean he’s actually qualified to enact improvement.

  • Thanks! This is now my iPhone wallpaper!

  • McCain will be the true candidate of change if he successfully replaces two liberal supreme court justices with two right-wing conservatives. Then we will well be on our way to a Christian Theocracy backed up by the highest courts… Think about it. It will be interesting to see who McCain picks as his running mate. Huckabee ? (AKA constitution change).

    After 8 years of Bush, America needs the therapeutic satisfaction of voting for someone like Obama.

  • Kate

    You’re welcome, Hemant! 😉

  • Dan


    I had JUST subscribed to your blog RSS this week because i liked your message, and now I’m UNsubscribing, because the last thing i need is more brainwashed political rubbish being sent to me via my news reader.

    If you’re going to insist on voting for a presidential candidate with incredibly racist friend (of 20 years and a RELIGIOUS minister of all things) please don’t shove it down my throat.


  • stogoe

    Concern Troll is Concerned.

    But that yellow-greenish-peach color in the poster is just ick. It’s jarring, and I don’t like it.

  • the Shaggy

    Seriously, I agree with the “change” doubters. Barack looks more sane than Crazy-Eyes Clinton, but… the heck?

    I wonder why people don’t advertise their candidate with a painting like above, and instead of “Change,” they write “Check this dude out. He means business.”

    I bet more people would vote for him.

  • Luther Weeks

    Catholic Supreme Court – Disenfranchises Nuns !!!

    See Bradblog.com: http://www.bradblog.com/?p=5960

    This morning, in South Bend, Indiana, a freshman student at St. Mary’s College, excited to vote for the first time, left the polling place in tears because she only possessed a private college ID and was unable to vote. The poll workers, nuns at a local convent, were trying to help the young student through her problem. While they were helping her, they realized that some of their fellow nuns, who had just arrived at the polling place, also could not vote because of the photo ID law. Not only was this group of nuns disenfranchised, but so would be four floors of retired nuns in their convent.

  • Brian

    JJ Berg

    If Clinton doesn’t leave either now or after next week’s primaries I think it’ll be more proof that she’s bat shit crazy.

    Fixed that for you.

  • Kathryn

    Not very dignified, Hemant.

  • Sudo

    Atheists won’t believe the Bible and her prophets, but they continue to fall for secular prophets time and again. People are actually FAINTING at Obama rallies. I think an attitude of healthy cynicism is best when dealing with anything political.

  • Kate

    Hm, who knew the Bible was female.

  • Obama/Clinton/McCain all the same in the end…puppets for the establishment.

    Ron Paul is the true change candidate. Abolish the Federal Reserve (which is destroying the value of the US dollar and created all the financial bubbles which are unraveling now). Abolish the IRS (taxation is a form of theft). Abolish most government agencies like the Department of Education. End the Drug War….

    I know a lot of atheist that can’t fathom voting for a christian. But let me tell you that this atheist here has my full support because he can put aside his religious beliefs for the defense of freedom…

    Here’s a interview with Ron Paul by John Stossel. He asks very bluntly whether drugs, prostitution, and gay marriage should be legalized. (note: this never aired on ABC).


    Ron Paul states that even though he finds drug use and prostitution morally objectionable – defending freedom of choice includes tolerating things that you don’t agree with. Now show me an interview with Obama/Clinton/McCain where they are asked the same kinds of questions…

    And just to let y’all know one of the most popular threads on AtheistForums is this one:

    Ron Paul for President

  • Ron in Houston

    I’d love to say, “ding dong the wicked witch is dead,” but I’m not so certain.

    Love or hate her, HRC is a fighter.

  • Danny


  • Karen

    Catholic Supreme Court – Disenfranchises Nuns !!!

    Yeah, the irony on that one is pretty good. Look at all the nefarious cheaters they’ve weeded out! Nuns and college students. Yeesh.

    I hope Scalia et al go straight to confession this morning …

  • Erik

    You’re welcome, Hement!

    I spent a lot of time canvassing some sketchy neighborhoods for Obama here in NC…looks like it made a difference!

  • Karen

    Thanks, Erik! nice job. 🙂

    Hillary really, really needs to hang it up. She has no chance mathematically, she’s out of money and all she’s doing by clinging to her increasingly ruthless ambition is destroying our best chance to get a Dem in the White House in years.

    I know they are afraid of bucking the Clinton machine, but the party elders need to start laying out reality here. Fast.

  • Jacob Vanhorn

    Anyone else think these posters are creepy and big brothery?

  • Darryl

    I’m sure that Barack is aware of how much change he can likely make, barring some national disaster, or radical change in the global situation. It’s reasonable to be skeptical in the short run. But, the mere fact that the next President is likely to be an African American or a woman indicates something about the long-term trajectory of the country. At this point, with Bush’s precedents, I worry that the next President will overstep Constitutional bounds to force changes.

    About the campaign, I’m frankly shocked and dismayed by Clinton’s bellicosity, whether she’s serious or just pandering, and the pandering is bothering me too. Anybody that wants it so bad that she’ll lie and pander is unfit.

    Lastly, I must say that I’m surprised, honestly, that so many Americans are still so racist. I knew we had a lot of stupid people, but racist too. How many generations will have to die off before we purge this crap from our country?

  • Being a libertarian, I have no dog in this fight …

    Hillary had a better chance of getting elected than Obama. And yes, Hillary is batshit insane.

    If it’s any consolation to the rest of you, I am not very enthusiastic about Colonel Tighe McCain, either.

    I wanted to see Barry Goldwater run, but he isn’t available, being dead and all.

  • Sudo:

    Just a thought: fainting at a rally doesn’t always imply being overcome emotionally by the speaker or their message.

    At a Coast Guard Day inspection and assembly back in ’91, I watched three guys hit the pavement during the 17th district admiral’s speech. I would bet good money that they were not emotionally overcome.

    Could someone be emotionally overcome at an Obama rally? Sure. But, you’re rushing to judgment. Was it hot in the hall? how much water/food had they consumed? how much sleep? what was their age?

    Also: Did anyone ever faint at any other mainstream presidential candidate’s rally? And if someone faints at a religious rally is that somehow more acceptable?

    Dan: Yeah, I can’t see how a black man who served his country in the ’60s could ever feel bitter about the disparities of treatment of the races.

  • That image is creepy. Far too much red and not enough blue. It looks like a poster of some murderous dictator.

  • Sudo

    Using the word ‘her’ to describe the Bible was poetic license. You know, sort of like using the word ‘Him’ to describe God?

    Having a sincere dislike for Obama /= racism, anymore than despising Hillary /= misogyny. Does dislike of Bush = misandry?

    I imagine if Hagee or Robertson spoke of Blacks being the scourge of white people, or spouted some other incendiary racist nonsense like Wright, I’m sure they would be front page news as well.

  • sudo:

    So Hagee and Roberston blaming homosexuals for the September 11th attacks and the destruction of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina are less offensive than a member of a(n arguably) oppressed minority getting (arguably incoherently) angry at the oppressing majority?

    Who said disliking Obama was racist?

  • Sudo


    No, it’s not less offensive, it’s just that slander of homosexuals has not reached the same level of slander against a person because of race. People can still get way with making hostile remarks about gays (as your comments about Hagee and Roberston show) whereas making negative remarks about a minority because of race is absolutely forbidden.

    As far as ‘hate speech’ is concerned, I think screaming bloody murder every time somebody says something that hurts your feelings is a childish response to childish behavior. It seems to me that being labeled a racist is worse than being called a thief or murderer.

    I inferred from one of the posts in this thread that dislike of Obama was due to racism. However, I have seen it portrayed as such in other venues. It’s not (obviously), but the facts have never really dissuaded someone from using the race card in politics or for personal gain anyway.

  • Sudo:

    Thanks for the discussion. It’s always good when the our first few sentences in a comment expand into dialog.


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