Would You Like to Test Some Science Toys? May 6, 2008

Would You Like to Test Some Science Toys?

If you live in or near Providence, Rhode Island, Kate is looking for some atheists and/or scientists to test some science-related toys and products next week as part of a focus group.

More details are in this PDF.

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  • Ron in Houston

    A rather odd selection of a test group. I don’t necessarily see the connection between atheist and science toys.

  • Kate’s toys are awesome! She used them with our mini-Camp Quest at the AAI conference last year, and they were a big hit.

    @Ron: Kate has tested her toys with other groups before, including in public schools. I think she’s interested in having atheist testers because her toys focus on introducing evolution to young children, which is something that a lot of nonreligious parents are really focused on and are looking for help with. Atheists and scientists are among her target audiences, but they are not the entire audience.

  • Mike J.C.

    As a parent of two and as an atheist, I would love to attend this. Even my location in CT is too far for a Wednesday. Best of luck to Kate, though.

  • Siamang

    Darn, I don’t live anywhere near there, but I wanted to see what toys she has already available.

    Website not open yet… boo!

  • John

    Sex toys? If they’re sex toys, I’m on the next flight. Are they sex toys? I hope they’re sex toys.