The Last Chapter May 3, 2008

The Last Chapter

Ray Comfort took the time out of his day to tell you this:

I hope you atheists and evolutionists realize that we eventually win. Read the last chapter of the Book.

That’s it.

He doesn’t specifically say which book…

So now I’m just confused.

Which book is he referring to?

And what does it tell us about the future of atheism?

And who is the “we” who will eventually win?!

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  • the Shaggy

    He didn’t approve my comment telling him that his “Book” (which I think he meant to be Lord of the Rings, but decided on Revelations) seemed to have horrible post-dictive power in telling us about past events (and challenged him to show us things like the male children of Egyptians dying and such), so we may not quite believe its Predictive power.

    Apparently it wasn’t sarcastic and abusive enough for him.

  • Alex

    Given Ray’s “banana” video and other proof of his fundamentalist cognitive defect, isn’t arguing with him like trying to play chess with a pigeon? (thanks for the neat phrase Troy.) Aren’t we just encouraging him and the other nuts. Wouldn’t a better response be to laugh at him and ridicule him but refuse to engage in anything which even resembles acknowledging that he might have the ability to reason?

    I continue to be appalled at how dishonest, stupid or dishonest and stupid most of these fundamentalist cretins are.

  • This comment on his blog wins:

    Chris said…
    Yeah, I’ve read the last chapter. It’s great. Ginny and Harry end up together. So do Hermione and Ron.

    It’s great we won, or that Voldemort would have taken over the world.

    Or was it some other fictional book you were talking about ?

  • What’s the point of a one-sentence post like that?

    Plus, a lot of them seem to get a lot of joy over the idea of other people suffering for all of eternity.

  • mikespeir

    Come on! How can you argue with a happy, joyful face like that?

  • I like tea

    RAY: That’ll show those dagburned atheists!

    [Ray sits back in his chair and nods with the satisfaction of a job well done.]

  • Jen

    I read the last chapter too. Juliet gets her own statue, and the parents don’t have to deal with their selfish children, and Verona is safe from arguing- oh wait, not that one.

    Ok, is it the one where the ruling class is dead, and Fortinbras is going to take over and Horatio gets to tell the story- maybe not that one, none of these people are from Denmark.

    Must be the one where the fairies are going to bless the three couples about to have wedding night hanky-panky, and that one lone fairy is going to apologize for the whole thing. Yes, I think that is the one.

    How wonderful it is to have an entire bookshelf of books to love! (And bananas).

  • mike

    Good question… “I sold my soul on eBay” ??

  • angryliberal

    Dude. You haven’t read “Glorious Appearing’? (Left Behind)

    It’s the fundy wet dream. Jeebus talking and his words ‘Sharp and powerful as a two edged sword’ cutting all of the unsaved into little tiny pieces.

    It’s the ‘Jesus as meat processor’ end of the world scenario.

  • I think it was 1984 that he was referring to.

  • You should see his most recent post. A perfect aprody of the design movement. Really stunning.


  • I think he meant the Bible and the Book of Revelations. But in the next book, The Book of Mickey, She who cannot be named will come down from greater Heaven and judge God! Since God destroyed the Earth, you know He’s not going to be judged well.

  • “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”
    – F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

    Makes more sense than:

    He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

    P.S. My spell check does not like “testifieth.”

  • Siamang

    Aren’t we just encouraging him and the other nuts. Wouldn’t a better response be to laugh at him and ridicule him

    I thought that’s what we WERE doing!

    BTW, I’ve read the end of the Book. The Cat in the Hat comes back to clean up the house right before the mom comes home. So there… NYAH.

    (And I’m pretty sure that CamCom are Thing 1 and Thing 2.)

  • Richard Wade

    Imagine that one day the Bishop of Boneheads issues another edict of imbecility, but this time NO ONE ANYWHERE RESPONDS. Nobody calls him stupid, no one argues with him, no one goes to his idiotic blog or wastes bandwidth on their own blog anywhere in the world. No one gives him the only thing he wants and needs in the whole wide world, attention. Negative or positive makes no difference. Within hours he begins to feel weak, nauseous, and disoriented. He quickly puts out an even more inane statement, this time heavily laced with insufferable superiority. Still no response from any of the 6,500,000,000 people who just have more important things to do. Now he begins to deteriorate physically, developing wrinkles on his skin as he steadily implodes from the inside. He feebly types out one last desperate utterance filled with nothing but vitriol and venom for all his beloved enemies who are no longer feeding him his lifeblood, and when absolutely zero responses come back he shrivels up into a little wad of mummified skin, crumbles into a pile of dust and blows away.

    As long as we all (myself included) enjoy feeding him, he will thrive.

  • Damn. I hate when people give away endings like that. You’re supposed to say “Spoiler Alert!”

  • Matthew T.

    Comfort is such a moron (gag).

  • Andrew C.

    I can see why he thinks they win, the world gets blown up just like the fundies want.

    Poor Arthur, Ford, and Trillian.

  • Zachary B.

    I think he’s talking about when Chief Bromden breaks out and is free again. You know how it was kinda like McMurphy was transfered into Chief’s body and leaves with him. Then all the patients realize that they’re not really crazy and leave.

    So I guess that’s who he’s talking about winning?

  • stogoe

    I think he means the part where Nick Fury shows up in Tony Stark’s living room and tells him about the Avenger Initiative.

    Wait, wait, movie, not book. Sorry.

  • Grimalkin

    You know, I saw this EXACT same thing when I was babysitting once. It was an older girl (about four) and her younger brother (about two). The brother kept bugging his sister, as little brothers do. She was trying to build a house for her barbies using blocks and he would come swooping in and knock it all down, pretending to be a big monster. This happened a few times when she finally yelled at him to stop and pushed him over.

    Like most younger brothers, he started wailing away, kicking out his arms and legs, and screaming that she should wait until “mommy and daddy get back” cause then she’ll “get it!”

    I swear, the more I babysit, the more I see how clear the parallels are between fundie Christians and very small children. Which, I suppose, makes perfect sense because god created them in his image…

  • Vincent

    Probably the last chapter in a mystery novel.
    He’s the kind to read the last chapter then tell everyone he predicted how it would come out (and spoil the ending for the rest of us)

  • I can see why he thinks they win, the world gets blown up just like the fundies want.

    Poor Arthur, Ford, and Trillian.

    Erm, that’s at the beginning of the book. And Ford’s not from around here.

  • Cade

    What does the end of the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster say?

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