Baby Droppings May 1, 2008

Baby Droppings

What is up with crazy superstitious Indian parents putting their babies in harm’s way?!

First they threw their children to the snakes.

Now, they’re throwing them off a tall building.


The video is highly disturbing.

Muslims in western India have been observing a bizarre ritual – they’ve been throwing their young children off a tall building to improve their health.

The faithful have been observing the ritual at a shrine in Solapur, in western India’s Maharastra, for more than five hundred years.

They believe it will make their children strong and say no accidents have ever happened.

What. The. Deuce.

This is absurd.

We all know babies grow stronger only if you punt them from below…

Or better yet, just get rid of the cloth at the bottom. Let the strong ones survive without help. Survival of the fittest in action, I say!

(Anyone in the mood to play a game of 500?)

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  • It may be absurd — but then again, we’re surrounded by absurdities.

    There is something compelling about the idea (as inaccurate as it may be) that, if you can survive being hurled naked from the top of a tall building wreathed in flowers without suffering so much as a scratch, your luck can’t help but improve. It makes more sense than Wonderbread!

  • As a commenter on Boing Boing noted, this is still less insane than cutting off part of a newborn’s genitals.

  • Mriana

    This goes way beyond superstition and abuse! I can’t believe anyone would treat their babies like this. 🙁 I wonder just how traumatized these children are before they are finally grown.

  • Dropping babies from a tower makes them tender and juicy. Mmmmmm…

  • It’s unfair to do this to children who haven’t volunteered for it. The fun of free falling from a great height should be reserved for adults only. Weeeeee!

  • D


    That’s all I’ve got.

  • I started watching the vid full of righteous indignation.
    How illogical, are these people, how can we continue to do such things, justified by tradition and religion.

    but then in the last seconds of the vid when the baby bounces off the sheet into the waiting hands of Mr Man, I laughed out loud. And then I dragged the cursor back a few seconds, watched it again and laughed even harder.

    You are absolutely right, it is a ridiculous practice. There must be something wrong with me.

  • TXatheist

    Please start chucking the parents off too, head first. I’m being sarcastic but maybe that way they’d see the point.

  • Oldman

    Never before have I read so much B.S. A bunch of nannies want to gripe at the world over a 500 year old practice that although completely nuts is only potentially harmful, is by all reports, never caused any harm. What next, let’s stop kids from running, ’cause they might skin their knees?

    Gimme a break

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