Contest Ideas April 30, 2008

Contest Ideas

Anyone have suggestions for the next wristband contest?

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  • SarahH

    Will I get a wristband if you pick my suggestion? 😛

    How about: What do atheists do with all their free time on Sundays?

  • Predictions for the title of Ben Stein’s next film?

  • How about “Suggestions for atheism-related contests”?

    Or something along the lines of what you would do if you were God: What one thing would you do to make the world better? What would your heaven be like? What would your hell be like? How would your believers dress? Etc.

  • Excellent idea, Sarah. How about something like “what would Jesus do?” when presented with a specific modern problem. That way it’d be open to theists as well as atheists.

    Or more posters. If you’re not sick of all the ones I sent already. 😉

    Or predictions for the future from the perspective of atheists in a state that seems to be embracing faith. Points for silly (but slightly scary) ideas.

    Or novel applications for creationist “science”.

  • Here’s a few:
    -A4L (conversation starter)
    -Atheists Do It Whenever They Want
    -Pork The Atheists White Meat
    -Atheithism the Only Ism in My Book

  • What is the best way to rescue theistards theists from brain damage?

  • Kyle W. Peterson

    How about a wet t-shirt contest?

  • anfractuocity

    How about…
    Atheist proverbs
    Imaginary quotes you’d like to hear from people in the news.
    New atheist bumper stickers
    Slogans to defeat Creationists
    Ways to combat atheists’ poor image
    Ways to “come out” as an atheist

  • SarahH

    How about a wet t-shirt contest?

    Well that just wouldn’t be fair to the rest of you. *grins*

  • Richard Wade

    Creative ways of dealing with religious people who knock on your door.

  • Jason

    Well that just wouldn’t be fair to the rest of you. *grins*

    Oh no, I think we’d all be winners in that. One way or another. :-p

  • Spurs Fan

    How about “Who’s the most closed-minded Atheist you know?” (in response to a recent discussion about our favorite Christians).

    Not as humorous, but still true and self-reflecting.

  • Hoverfrog: That is a great idea. There could be a list. What would Jesus do

    Gay marriage.
    Death penalty
    wealthy televangelists
    Guantanamo bay/torture

    Spurs Fan: That’s another great idea. The Christians have no monopoly on closed mindedness, tactlessness or jerkiness. Do you think it would it have to be a personal friend, or anybody in the public sphere?

  • Jason

    On topic: How about clever punishments handed to various figures throughout history, full of pain and irony, who reject Christ, while they spend eternity in the Lake of Fire?

  • Alycia

    How about Photoshopping some pictures, like they do on

  • Kirsty

    Can we have an art contest? It’d be really fun, just make any piece of visual art (digital, traditional painting, craft, sculpture, anything!) that represents atheism in some form. Perhaps it’d be a bit more than a wristband contest, but it definitely would be interesting.

  • Programming for an atheist cable network. Only you have to come up with something other than boring talk shows featuring Dawkins or Myers. Create ideas for atheist sitcoms, drama, sci-fi or even soap operas.

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