Failure April 20, 2008

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  • Ron in Houston

    Well, if that we’re my father I’d remind them of this:

    for there is nothing either good or
    bad, but thinking makes it so
    Shakespeare – Hamlet

  • Can’t give up what you never had!

  • The problem with much of Christianity is in thinking that somehow it is up to us to influence what others believe. If they (the children) had to give up the “laws” of Christian teachings in order to be true to who they really are, and if that meant having to reject the “religion” altogether, then I would say it could be viewed as success in God’s eyes.

  • My mom accidentally raised two atheists, one who turned out homosexual. She still tries to get us to go to church . . .

  • Amber

    I applaud whoever can raise 4 kids and have them all turn out atheists.
    My mom did a pretty good job, I mean, she raised a rampaging blasphemer in the close proximity of around 10 or Southern Baptist churches.

  • JimboB

    My mom tried to raise 4 good little catholic boys. She didn’t do very well. I’m an atheist, my first brother is an agnostic, my second brother has Down Syndrome so his religiousity is questionable (but let’s say he’s catholic by proxy), and my third brother is non-religious, possibly a deist.

    She claims she must have done something wrong, but I think she did something right. We learned to think for ourselves. That is not a luxury all parents give their children.

  • Mriana

    I’m not sure how that’s a failure. It’s sad when parents think it is.

  • I wonder what the four children gave up Christianity for.

  • Polly

    In America, I’d say that’s a great accomplishment!

  • Does anyone else feel horribly guilty thinking about how hard their parents take this? I agree with some earlier commenters, on one hand, I wish they understood how much I respect them for teaching us to think for ourselves, which is much more important to me than what religion they tried to teach me growing up.

  • I’ve tried to explain to my parents for years that it was by listening to them that I learned how to ask questions and think for myself. Even the Catholics who taught me helped me discover and develop the tools that I would ultimately use to deny their most deeply held belief. I finally understood that my parents (especially my mother) cannot think of herself as having any value except as child of God. She cannot separate her innate goodness, compassion and empathy from God and Jesus. It makes me sad and angry. But at least I understand.

  • Roe

    My mother was/is disappointed in me and my atheism, however we still have a good relationship.

    Drew, Guilt? Really? The only people that should feel guilty are your parents. Having children is a wholly selfish act and then to berate them for not following in your footsteps is just mean.

    Stop breeding there are too many of us, Adopt:

    “I don’t want to bring another kid into this world. But how do you argue against loving one that’s already here?”

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