The Catholic Church is in *So* Much Trouble April 19, 2008

The Catholic Church is in *So* Much Trouble

Someone at The New York Times has a sense of humor:


(via RumorsDaily)

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  • Looks about right.

  • Ian

    That’s just the victims for Boston, right?

  • Ron in Houston

    Oh, that’s funny.

  • sasha

    HAHHA! its only a matter of time…

  • Mriana

    Well, it’s about time the Church of Rome got taken down again.

  • Kate

    Now THAT is hilarious!

  • JimboB

    That is horrible…. horribly funny!

  • Masa

    While at least Pope Benedict has better-late-than-never apologized for Catholic priests sexually abusing altar-boys, an offense that goes against Catholic and Christian teaching, Islamic mullahs will not denounce the Islamic institution of child-brides (that is, child-rape/sex-slavery), a practice in accordance with Muslim Shariah law and teaching, for the very fact that the “excellent example of conduct” (Qur’an 33:21) Prophet Muhammad himself [when he was about fifty-two years of age] married the six-year-old virgin girl Aisha and had sexual intercourse with her from the time that she was nine-years old [until he died ten years later at about 62 years of age] (See al-Bukhari, The Book of Nikah [“Marriage”], volume 7, book 62 of Sahih, Hadith number 64, p. 50 of M. Muhsin Khan’s translation, published New Delhi: Kitab Bhavan, 1987; see also Sahih Bukhari volume 5, book 58, number 236)!!!

    “Narated Aisha: I used to play with the dolls in the presence of the Prophet, and my girl friends also used to play with me. When Allah’s Apostle used to enter my dwelling-place they used to hide themselves, but the Prophet would call them to join and play with me.” (al-Bukhari, The Book of al-Adab [“Good Manners”], volume 8, book 72 of Sahih, Hadith number 151)

    According to [’31] Anynu, Umad al-qari sharhal-Bukhari (Cairo, 1308 A.H., Istanbul, 1309-1310 A.H.), vol. 9, p. 484, “Muhammad said, a wife should never refuse a husband his conjugal rights even if it is on the saddle of a camel, or even on a scorching oven.” [Or even, we might add, while a child who still plays with her dolls!!!]

    “Narrated Sulaiman bin Yasar: I asked Aisha about the clothes soiled with semen. She replied, ‘I used to wash it off the clothes of Allah’s Apostle and he would go for the prayer while water spots were still visible.” (Sahih Bukhari volume 1, book 4, number 231)

    “Narated Aisha: The Prophet [Muhammad] and I used to take a bath from a single pot while I was Junub [ritually impure]. During my menstruation, he used to order me to wear wear a skirt so he could fondle me. While in Itikaf [time of quiet religious devotion], he used to bring his head near me and I would wash it during my menses.” (Sahih Bukhari volume 1, book 6, number 298)

    “Narrated Jabir bin Abdullah: I was accompanying the Prophet on a journey and was riding a slow camel that was lagging behind the others. . . When we approached Medina, I started going (towards my house). The Prophet said, ‘Where are you going?’ I said, ‘I have married a widow.’ He said, ‘Why have you not married a virgin to fondle?'” (Sahih Bukhari volume 3, book 38, number 504)

    The Qur’an acknowledges and sanctions the practice of marrying and even divorcing girls before they’ve begun to menstruate, but says that they can only be divorced after a waiting period of three months (Qur’an 65:4). Well, isn’t that charitable?

    The late Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini married a ten-year-old girl when he was twenty eight years of age, and called marriage to a pre-pubescent girl “a divine blessing,” advising the faithful: “Do your best to ensure that your daughters do not see their first blood in your house.” Article 1041 of the Civil Code of the Islamic Republic of Iran states that girls can be engaged prior to the age of nine, and be married at nine. In early 2002, researchers in refugee camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan found that half of the girls were married by age thirteen. In an Afghan refugee camp, more than two out of three second-grade girls were either married or engaged, and almost all the girls who were beyond second grade were already married. One ten-year-old girl was engaged to a man sixty years of age. (See also

    Palestinian Islamic scholar Muhammad Ali Al-Hanooti (member of the Fiqh Council of North America who has served as a Islamic imam and teacher in Iraq, Kuwait, New Jersey and Virgina) said that Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha was the will of Allah, and “Allah usually is not the one who we are allowed to argue with for any ordinance or commandment. The Qur’an [21:23] says, ‘He is not questioned for what He does, but they (people) are questioned for what they do.’ Aisha got married when she was nine, when the prophet (SAAWS) died, she was nineteen. . . . What is wrong in her marriage of six or nine or whatsoever?”

    (See Robert Spencer’s The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World’s Most Intolerant Religion, chapter ten, “Muhammad’s Legacy”)

  • Susan

    I don’t know, I have an immediate need to sing, “Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the fair….”

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