How To Spend Your Tax Refunds April 19, 2008

How To Spend Your Tax Refunds

After all the talk of tithing and how atheists donate less than many religious people, here’s a place all of you can send the extra funds you may be entitled to this year.

A brief description:

… Modest Needs compiles “grant applications” from people who are on the verge of entering the poverty cycle. Through this organization you can give to help a specific individual with a specific need – provide auto repair payment so the family provider can get to work, cover rent for a single mom with a new job until her first paycheck arrives, help an uninsured person receive necessary surgery.

By giving in this way, you are helping people in need, keeping them from entering the povery cycle AND giving in a way that your dollars will go right into “jump-starting” the economy. It’s a win-win-win situation!

(Thanks to Stacia for the link!)

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  • Sam

    I might buy a bike…

  • I’m going to buy 100 cups of coffee, or maybe a swim with a whale.

  • At the risk of sounding selfish, I will put it into my Roth IRA. I’m 37, and have not been too successful with the ladies. Given that, having kids is looking like it will never happen. So there will be no younger Xerox of myself to take care of me when I am older.

  • Keith

    Thanks for the link, Hemant. It’s good to know things like this are out there.

  • Amy

    I’m sorry I’m so late seeing this, but I appreciate the link to Give It Away.

    Thanks for helping get the word out. I think Modest Needs is a great organization and a lot of good could be done through them with our tax rebates.

    Give It Away

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