Stuff Atheists Like April 13, 2008

Stuff Atheists Like

Ask and ye shall receive.

Two different websites now explain Stuff Atheists Like.

This one currently includes Evolution and Darwin Fish.

This one currently includes Pat Condell and Transitional Fossils.

You know you want to add them to your feed readers.

If you have suggestions for other things atheists like, contact information is on both sites!

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  • Scorpious

    I’d love to comment, but it won’t let me sign in and I don’t see a place to register.

  • Milena

    Hehe, they’re both pretty great. The first one is funnier and follows “Stuff White People Like’s” format closer, although I’m also digging the second one’s video format. All in all, atheists are awesome, and that’s why we get two lists. =D

  • Thanks for the link.

    @Scorpious: I’ve fixed the commenting problem as well as the theme problem on viewing posts/comments. Thanks for the heads-up.