Ironic Ad on Snopes April 9, 2008

Ironic Ad on Snopes

I was on earlier today checking out a random column about humorous Dear Abby columns (you know you want to read it).

As I read it, an ad on the page (near the bottom of the image) made me do a double-take:


How ironic (and sad) that, on a website that represents finding the truth, you see an ad for the sack of lies that is Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

By the way, Skeptic publisher and author of Why Darwin Matters: The Case Against Intelligent Design Michael Shermer has a great smackdown of the movie in the latest Scientific American. Editor in Chief John Rennie rips into the movie, too.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, Expelled Exposed looks to be a terrific source of information for those who want the real stories behind the movie’s mischaracterizations, factual distortions, and outright lies.

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  • Bad

    Ah, but if you type “expelled review” into google, whose site comes out on top?

    Dat’s right, kids. 🙂

    It’s netting me even more hits and angry emails than the “naughty nuns” story I blogged about way when (which must have pissed off a lot of folks looking for a bit more than some 90-year olds excommunicated from the Catholic Church for loving Mary too much). 🙂

    We’re all trying to bump Expelled Exposed up so that it appears at the top for all the major searches, especially the critical “expelled” and “expelled movie.” If you have a blog, do your part by linking to Expelled Exposed, preferably with the words “expelled movie” somewhere in the link.

  • Jen

    I noticed that last night. Methinks Mr and Ms Snopes would not be too happy- they have always seemed pretty awesome in interviews.

  • TXatheist

    Love that Michael Shermer. He was one of the guys who I think does a great job of explaining science for the layman.

  • Unfortunately the latest Newsweek has an interview with Ben Stein about Expelled the movie. It’s pretty much softball questions that give Stein a little promotional soapbox. Bah!

  • JimboB

    I see ads for Expelled when I go to as well as

    It always makes me laugh.

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