Better Know A (Secular) Lobbyist April 7, 2008

Better Know A (Secular) Lobbyist

Stephen Colbert has featured the marijuana lobby and the gay rights lobby on the “Better Know a Lobbyist” segment of his show.

But he hasn’t yet spoken to Lori Lipman Brown, lobbyist for the Secular Coalition for America.

Lori writes this at Rant & Reason:

It’s time for the Secular Coalition Nation to rise up and ask Mr. Colbert why he hasn’t introduced the Colbert Nation to the nontheist lobby. I’ve appeared on Papa Bear’s (Bill O’Reilly’s) show four times now, but have yet to have the pleasure of taking on his better half and mirror image, Stephen Colbert himself.

You can let your voice be heard over at Colbert Nation. Let them know you want Stephen to feature a lobbyist who represents you!

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  • TXatheist

    I don’t know about this one. I love Colbert but it’s satire and we get enough ridicule. That’s just my opinion. I would prefer the Jon Stewart show because he doesn’t belittle but tries to get good discussion…imo.

  • that’s the whole point of colbert, though! he is doing a satire of the religious republican. he was recently in a museum of water, where the tour guide told him the age of the earth and he kept disagreeing with her and saying “no, thousands [of years]”.

    it is a good thing when he ridicules false beliefs. it gets people to recognize how silly they are.

  • I’d love to be on Stewart — if anyone has any connections, let me know.

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