Exorcism Fraud April 6, 2008

Exorcism Fraud

I don’t get it.

A senior priest in Florence is under investigation for fraud after allegedly amassing £3 million by performing fake exorcisms.

Fake exorcisms…

As opposed to what, exactly?

It’s all fraud. Some people are just gullible enough to fall for it.

In this case, though, Father Francesco Saverio Bazzoffi had his friends pretend to be possessed and he later “cured” them. Others then gave their money so they could get rid their demons as well.

More importantly, though, Bazzoffi didn’t have an exorcism license.

Apparently, if he was a “priest authorized by the diocese,” he could perform exorcisms and get away with it.

(via Tiny Frog)

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  • This blog should be exorcised. Heathens, the lot of you.

  • I think the difference is a matter of hoax vs. self-delusion. I imagine that most exorcists actually believe in exorcism.

  • Matt

    So basically the difference between church santioned fraud and unsanctioned fraud…

  • Susan

    Where’s the pea soup?

  • robin

    I’ve had fake exorcisms and real ones and I can assure you that the real ones involve far more vomit.

  • Richard Wade

    More importantly, though, Bazzoffi didn’t have an exorcism license.

    How long does it take to get an exorcism license? Is there a school or college of exorcism science? Can you have a learner’s permit? Do you become a journeyman exorcist before a master exorcist? Do you have to go to continuing education exorcist classes to keep your license up to date, like classes on exorcizing Muslims or exorcizing people with handicaps? Is your picture on the license so you can show someone you’re qualified to exorcize them right there on the spot? Can you use your exorcist license to back up a credit card purchase? How much does an exorcism cost? Is the charge per person? Per demon? Are some exorcisms simple while others are big jobs? “Mama mia, Mr. Spellini I’m afraid this is gonna cost you a lotta lire. What a supernatural mess.” Can you get exorcism insurance to protect you from the high cost of unexpected demon-banishing bills?

  • Oh the irony… This might actually be a good step in the right direction though, if people stop being afraid to speak up about their false miracle healings and exorcisms and things like that, maybe we can actually start prosecuting criminals that are making all their money off of lies, ie religion. I think there are two types of fundamentalists, those that actually believe all of the ridiculous claims of religion and those who simply see the potential for profits amongst such a mindless group of people.

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