A Bird Reviews My Book April 3, 2008

A Bird Reviews My Book

An email message I don’t get every day, courtesy of Katie:

… I’m sitting at a picnic table right now and a bird pooped about 1/2 a foot away from me and it splattered onto your book… I feel like I should apologize for letting a bird poop on your book. So… Sorry.)

You let my book touch a picnic table?

That’s just wrong…

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  • What an excellent way to increase sales! More bird poop! More bird poop!

  • I’ll be completely honest here – I’m glad your book was the shield or it would have been on my shirt.

  • Sam

    God reviewed your book. He didn’t like it so much.

  • Seems like God would have better aim than that.

  • THz

    I guess the bird came from Westboro Baptist Church.

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