Listen to Jesus April 2, 2008

Listen to Jesus

I like this Jesus… How come we don’t see enough of him?


(via My Confined Space)

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  • Korinthian

    Also, beat your slaves.

  • valhar2000

    And hate your parents. And your brothers. And, basically, hate everyone you know, becuase they might stop you from joining the cult of Jesus. Damn, I’m sure he never expected the cult to grow so big! And it happened after he died, so he can’t enjoy it!

  • There’s also all that crap about Satan and Hell that was added in the New Testament. Don’t forget your pitchforks.

    Your starting comment reminded me of a quote from everyone’s favourite lawyer:

    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
    Mohandas Gandhi

  • Maria

    I like that post

  • That was very nice. It is funny that many ‘Christians’ tend to look at the old testament (except when it comes to the ‘thou shalt not kill’ bit) rather than the new.

    On that note, if homosexuality was such a bad thing, why did it warrant a mere mention in the bible rather than a full-fledged commandment? Hmm? I think that prohibitions on eating pork were more prevalent than prohibitions on homosexuality.

    Except for the whole praying thing and the actually believing that he is the resurrection and the light bit, my atheist friends and I are more of ‘Christian’ than many ‘Christians’.

  • TXatheist

    I could be wrong 🙂 but didn’t Jesus say in Matthew that he didn’t come to abolish the law but fulfill it ? Meaning the OT was still valid. I’m in agreement that Jesus never said anything on homosexuality but I’m open to listening to my original question…and even changing my mind 🙂

  • You forgot, “Believe in me or fry in hell.” Jesus never goes more than a few beats without threatening his listeners with eternal damnation. This cannot be forgotten or ignored.

  • ash

    TXatheist, i think many christians see fulfilment of the OT as meaning god is now available to everyone, not just the jews, and that specific laws (rather than moral guides) in the OT have now been made irrelevant by the last sacrifice of Jesus. or something…

    what i really don’t understand about the homosexuality=wrong insistence is that, as far as i’m aware, only one of all the references says something about ‘a man lying with a man’, the rest just condemn sodomy. that being the case, why is the porn industry not the primary target here? as i understand it (*cough-so-i’ve-been-told-cough*), most straight porn contains scenes of anal sex. yet it’s rare for this to be the first concern for sex obsessed christians…

  • Susan

    I don’t care for the part about divorce. Make it illegal? Forgetaboutit.

  • I agree with Susan–it’s not my business or anybody else’s if two people want to get a divorce. We have no right to make it illegal.

  • Miko

    I could be wrong 🙂 but didn’t Jesus say in Matthew that he didn’t come to abolish the law but fulfill it ?

    Beat me to it: Matthew 5:17-18.

  • Claire

    The problem (in the sense of why it wouldn’t be popular or widely embraced) with this message is that it’s clear, concise, and unequivocal. It doesn’t come in a 1000+ page volume filled with contradictions and ripe for quote-mining, so that you can always find something that tells you what you want to hear.

    The bible is often criticized for having so many contradictions, but I suspect it was designed that way because the people who were going to use it wanted it that way. If you are for this, see page 302, if you’re against it, see page 749.

    It’s a goldmine for prohibitions of all kinds, plus endorsements for things like child beating and slavery, and they all come stamped with “word of god, 100% guaranteed, no other is genuine”.

    What’s not to like use to prove whatever point you have?

    The poor guy in the picture has little to offer compared to that.

  • pattimayonnaise

    um, you’re all leaving out the most important thing: would Jesus wear birkenstocks?

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