Christian Reality Game Shows March 29, 2008

Christian Reality Game Shows

Floating Axhead is thinking up a variety of Christian reality game shows:

Dancing with the Christian Stars

This reality show includes well-known Pastors from every denomination, except the Church of Christ because it includes dancing and musical instruments.

The American Idol

Jesus competes against greed, pornography, television, gambling, shopping, eating, work, and other American “idols.” We don’t want to ruin it for you, but we know who wins this one.

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

It’s adult church members versus the kids to see who knows more about scripture. Just like the television show, the fifth graders win most of the time.

There are many more where those came from.

Atheist game shows wouldn’t be nearly as exciting.

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  • How about “The Real World”, where religious people are convinced religion is false.

  • For our first drama series we’re thinking Pastor 90210 starring Rick Warren.

  • Ian

    Well, it’s likely that Atheist game shows would involve a bit less crystal meth and man ass…

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