How Much is That Jesus in the Window? March 27, 2008

How Much is That Jesus in the Window?

He’s everywhere, this Jesus fellow:


A bedroom window of a Beaverton woman is up for auction on, KPTV in Beaverton reported.

Sharel Fox said water vapor appeared on her window four years ago and formed the image of Jesus Christ.

Now, she is selling her house, but before she does, she wants to remove the window in her bedroom.

Fox said she isn’t a Christian, but the image appeared during a difficult time in her life. She said it helped her through, and now she hopes it will do the same for someone else.

“I would hope that somebody gets it who wants to put it out where other people can see it,” Fox said. “The fact that this image has come into a non-Christian households says, ‘You know what, it’s OK that you’re not Christian. I’m still there.'”

I can’t find the eBay link. (Who would be so crazy as to sell something religious on eBay in the first place…?)

But that may not be the real Jesus, who’s actually appearing on the face of a stone:


Or maybe this is the real Jesus, appearing as mold in someone’s shower:

The family says they will never clean the spot and they now treat the shower like a shrine.

Laquan Joyner says “I was like yeah, a real live image of Jesus is in the shower. I couldn’t believe it either. But it’s there. And my grandmother came, and she saw it and said, I’ve seen everything.”

Meanwhile, a cross has been appearing on the side of some dude’s house:

Reflected Cross

He’s sees a cross on the right side.

I see a garbage can on the left side.

I think I’m closer to the truth.

Someone please help these deluded people…

(via Cynical-C Blog)

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  • PrimateIR

    I am completely unable to see him in the stone and it occurred to me that you could have so much “Emperor’s New Clothes” style fun with this.

    Take a bunch of random photographs and display them (on Ebay of course) as “Visions of Jesus Only Visible to The Faithful.”

  • Alycia

    Damn, and I ate that cornflake that looked like Thomas Paine this morning. What was I thinking?

  • K

    1) Jesus, she hasn’t washed her windows in 4 years?
    2) I kinda see a koala bear from the cookies
    Kinda. Not really.
    3)I think the mold looks more like the robot girl in Metropolis.

  • Eh, they’ve got nothin’ on my fish


  • Kai

    What did Jesus look like? What am I looking for here?

  • Susan

    And my grandmother came, and she saw it and said, I’ve seen everything.”

    I’m thinking she meant she’s never seen a dirtier shower stall. It reminds me of what happened when my dog got a stomach virus last week.

    Depending on your generation, the first one resembles Karen Carpenter, Jim Morrison, Mackenzie Phillips, David Cassidy or Eddie Van Halen.

  • QrazyQat

    You know, if you’re unethical, like say, Christian televangelists or leaders of the big evangelical churches seem to all be, you can make mold grow on certain areas of toast, etch images on glass, etc. You could have a whole eBay store based on it.

  • Karen

    I see a garbage can on the left side.

    Me too. The Holy Ashcan …

    I’ve got a song to go along with the first lady’s eBay auction:

    “How much is that Jesus in the window? The one with the waggly tail. How much is that Jesus in the window? I do hope that’s Jesus for sale.”

    Seriously, would you really want Jesus peering in your bedroom window like that? Isn’t it a bit voyeuristic of him?

  • stephanie

    Hey, I saw the image of Jesus on my TV screen when I was flipping through channels last week!

    Then I realized it was just the annual litany of pre-Easter pseudo-science on History and Discovery channels.

  • Kathryn

    1st one looks like one of those ghost-in-the-window movies.

    2nd one totally looks like mother nature from the panera bread logo (mmm).

    I’m not even going to go over the 3rd one.

  • Mriana

    Where do they get their ideas? I don’t see anything, except maybe a blob. Weird, really weird.

  • Matthew

    You know, I once rented a room from a Christian couple. They always invited me to eat dinner with them. They were quite nice, despite their view on politics and how the universe and world worked. When we were at the dinner table the husband kept looking out the window. So, curiously, I looked out. He said “do you see that?” I didn’t get it, so I asked “What do you mean?” He’s like, “the way the sun shines through the trees in the yard. It looks like a cross!” He broke out into “Thank you Jesus!” and “Praise you Lord!” He was quite the fanatic.

    He also believed that God brought the deer to his garden because of the “spirit” that existed on his property. Damn, I thought it would have been the lettuce and cabbage. Guess not.

  • Chris in Columbus

    These people are so deluded…

  • Alan Bombria

    That last one looks like a plus sign, not a cross. Praise Maths!

  • “It’s a reflection off of something”

    It isn’t difficult to find the source of a reflection like that. Why not take the time to find what it is? If it’s shaped similarly, then you can explain to your 105-year-old grandmother why she is wrong.

  • Anyone see the toaster thing you can buy that imprints jesus on all of your toast?

  • Will H.

    In that stone one, I can kinda see a face, but it looks more like the faceplate of Iron Man in “The Ultimates” than Jesus to me. Praise Tony Stark. Long live Stan Lee (Praise be unto him)

  • Keith

    I’m pretty sure whatever is appearing in the stone is one of the mushrooms from Super Mario. Now THAT is a holy thing. Oh Mario and Luigi, how you’ve inspired me.

  • The guy in the movie at the end is clearly Santa. That Nick, what a joker.

  • Allison

    Geez…… I the only one who thought the prominent imagein the window was a dollar sign?

  • In the video, the lower reflection looks like an up-side down cross. Isn’t that a satanic symbol? Maybe that means we should all worship the devil?

  • Wow! Haven’t found it on E-bay yet….but how much do you think I could get for my window???

  • JB

    Allison you are not alone. I thought I also saw a dollar sign ( actually I saw an “S” first – (Superman????) then the $ came into my thought. For the stone I thought I saw two cat faces??!!!. I need to get my eyes checked.
    Hey I have some soggy Rice Chex that looks like the roster of the 1969 New York Mets. Any takers?

  • If this is the best that Jesus can do?

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