Conference Call with the Disasterminds Behind Expelled March 27, 2008

Conference Call with the Disasterminds Behind Expelled

The live teleconference will begin at 1:00 p.m. (PST) tomorrow and features Ben Stein and Mark Mathis, among the other liars who put this movie together.

As one of our appreciated media partners, Motive Entertainment cordially invites you to join a special, nationwide “conference call” press junket with actor/comedian/author/speaker Ben Stein TOMORROW, Friday, March 28th at 1 p.m. PST/3 p.m. CST/4 p.m. EST, regarding one of the most controversial films of 2008, EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed.

CALL-IN TO 800-983-8147 (toll-free) 866-211-2047 (toll-free) AND ENTER participant code 6481720 # – YOU MUST ALSO RSVP BELOW.

Please RSVP: immediately, as this call will fill up fast.

Good luck getting in.

The producers of this movie have a hard time dealing with criticism.

(via The Frame Problem)

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  • “Disasterminds”. That’s really good. I’ll remember that one.

  • I’ll stick with theistards. 🙂

  • How soon until this movie is out of the news. Not soon enough.

  • Siamang

    Be warned. If you get in by, you know, signing up, they’ll claim you represent a security breach and that you snuck in by masquerading as a priest.

    Stein states that “The only thing I find despicable is when reporters sneak into screenings by pretending to be ministers. This is a new low even for liberal reporters.

  • Stein states that “The only thing I find despicable is when reporters sneak into screenings by pretending to be ministers. This is a new low even for liberal reporters.

    Funny that Stein would make such a statement, given the false pretenses he and his crew used to interview Dawkins and PZ.

    Actually, not so surprising after all.

  • Vincent

    wait. you don’t have to be a priest to make this call do you?
    Clearly they are requesting RSVPs so they can screen who calls and only allow favorable commentary. Someone has to pretend to represent some church newsletter in order to get a rational position on the call.

  • My devious mind is working overtime with this. Heh heh heh heh.

  • Pshaw. With a few mouse clicks, anyone can be a Reverend. I am.

    Thanks, Universal Life Church!

  • I just got a call from the theistards reminding me about the teleconference.

    (Yes, I’m registered under a church.)

  • Vincent

    so how did it go?
    I didn’t see anything about being able to listen in.

  • Bad

    “Press junket” just means them repeating the same bullshit yet again, hoping to find new ears and new attention for the same message.

  • I am listening in right now.

  • Bad

    Sounds like PZ crashed the party yet again.

    What a bunch of wusses, honestly. They apparently were whining that no one responds to the substance of their movie, when in fact countless people have responded to it, and they are the ones who never give any substantive answers back (as with their infamous post “responding” to PZ’s critiques of their claims by doing nothing more than talking about how significant it was that he was attacking them, over and over and over).

  • QrazyQat

    More mysteries from the godly: what do they format their email like a ransom note?

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