Secular Coalition for America Hires Second Lobbyist! March 26, 2008

Secular Coalition for America Hires Second Lobbyist!

The Secular Coalition for America has had one lobbyist — Lori Lipman Brown — since its inception.

Now, it has two.

Sasha Bartolf will be the second full-time lobbyist for the SCA. She begins her duties on March 31st.

Bartolf has previously worked for Congressional Quarterly as researcher, fact-checker, and writer.

According to the SCA, “her knowledge of the Congressional process, the workings of the various committees, as well as her ease in speaking with members of Congress and congressional staffers, makes her an exceptional find.”

More information on her is not available on the SCA’s website just yet, but it will be soon.

Very exciting news, though, to see the SCA growing! We have another voice for us on Capitol Hill.

The SCA could always use your help in order to keep this momentum going.

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  • That’s worthy of another donation. 🙂

  • Cade

    Yes, but can she hold her own against Bill O’Reilly? I know that Lori has done it 4 times already.

  • Now we just need a few more Atheists in the actual government.

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