National Simulcast For Church-State Separation This Wednesday March 24, 2008

National Simulcast For Church-State Separation This Wednesday

All the details on this simulcast are here.

Actors, musicians and comedians will join church-state activists from across the country March 26 to put church-state separation on the national agenda during the 2008 election season.

In movie theatres in 25 cities across the nation, interested citizens will gather to learn about the threats to church-state separation and to demand that presidential hopefuls and candidates for other offices answer questions about key issues dealing with individual freedom. A list of 10 great questions to ask candidates will be featured.

It’s no longer 25 cities, either; several more venues have been added bringing the number up to 37.

Here’s the full list of those cities which will host the event:

State City Theatre Time
AR Little Rock Breckenridge Stadium 12 5:00pm
CA Sacramento Natomas Marketplace Stadium 16 6:00pm
CA San Diego Mira Mesa Stadium 18 6:00pm
CA Mountain View Century Cinemas 16 6:00pm
CA Woodland Hills Promenade 16 6:00pm
CO Denver Denver Pavilions 15 7:00pm
FL Tampa Citrus Park Stadium 20 6:00pm
FL Jacksonville Regency Jax 24 6:00pm
GA Atlanta RGL Perimeter Pointe 10 6:00pm
IL Savoy Savoy 5:00pm
IL Batavia Randall 5:00pm
IL Woodridge Cinemark @ Seven Bridges 5:00pm
IL Peoria Willow Knolls 5:00pm
IN Lafayette Eastside 6:00pm
IN Portage Portage 5:00pm
IN Indianapolis Galaxy Stadium 14 6:00pm
MA Boston Fenway 13 6:00pm
MI Canton Canton Cinema 6:00pm
MI Lansing Lansing Mall Cinema 6:00pm
MI Kalamazoo Kalamazoo 6:00pm
MI Ann Arbor Quality 6:00pm
MI Saginaw Saginaw/Quad 6:00pm
MO Springfield Springfield 5:00pm
MO Columbia Forum 5:00pm
NC Raleigh Movies @ North Hills 14 6:00pm
NY New York Union Square Stadium 14 6:00pm
OH Columbus Georgesville Square Stadium 16 6:00pm
OK Oklahoma City Tinseltown USA 5:00pm
OR Portland Lloyd Center 10 Cinema 6:00pm
PA Philadelphia Riverview Plaza 17 6:00pm
PA Harrisburg Regal Harrisburg 14 6:00pm
SC Columbia Sandhill Cinema 16 6:00pm
TN Nashville Opry Mills Stadium 20 Plus Imax 5:00pm
TX Houston Houston Marq*e Stadium 23 5:00pm
TX Austin Metropolitan Stadium 14 5:00pm
VA Glen Allen Virginia Center Stadium 20 6:00pm
WA Seattle Pacific Place 11 6:00pm

If you’re close to any of those cities and you can make it, consider coming out to support the event! All you need to do is reserve your free tickets.

If anyone is planning on going to the Cinemark @ Seven Bridges in Woodridge, IL, let me know!

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  • Cindy

    What??? Nothing in Dallas-Fort Worth?

  • Derek

    It seems weird that they wouldn’t be streaming it online. I realize they’re selling DVD’s at a later date, but doing it in real-time wouldn’t cut into that too much. Besides, the more people the better. If they want the biggest numbers possible, it’s always a good thing to take it to the internets.

  • Ron in Houston

    Damn, couldn’t they have done a webcast for those of us too lazy to get our butts out to a theater?

  • Just go!

    I’ll be going in Philly!

  • Ben

    Damn, couldn’t they have done a webcast for those of us too lazy to get our butts out to a theater?

    Or for those of us who who live hundreds of miles from the closest location?

  • Cade

    Wow, there’s nothing at all in the Midwest. Too bad for me.

  • Kathryn

    Illinois isn’t considered in the Midwest? 🙁

  • Chris in Columbus

    I’ll be there! Anyone else in Columbus Ohio going?

  • Susan

    I’d go to the one in Nashville but I have class that night. Sigh. And the Opry Mills Imax is awesome. Damn you, grad school.

  • I should be at the Woodridge showing.

  • My wife and I are going to the one in Little Rock. Anyone else from LR going?

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