Hot Atheist Buns March 21, 2008

Hot Atheist Buns

Deborah made some hot atheist buns for the holiday weekend.


Instead of piping macabre crosses on each one, I made atheist “A”s, ‘though not in scarlet. I didn’t think the food colouring would survive the baking process. The sharp-eyed reader will notice that the buns are in a checker pattern, half with currants and sultanas and glace (candied) peel, and half without; the little godless heathens in my house don’t like dried fruit.

The finished product looks athelicious:



We need more atheism-related food. Vegetarian, of course. With a bit of spice. No bread, though, because our food will never rise up.

(Buns are an exception.)

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  • Jen

    In all fairness, your godless little heathen people are right: hot cross buns are gross because bread does not need that much stuff in it.

    Vegetarian atheist food… I think we should go with something covered in delicious cheese. Mmmm, cheese.

  • Hmmm… – I view them more as a species of cake than as bread. But then I put all sorts of things into bread too – like a layer of basil pesto. Yum, yum, yum.

    Many thanks for the link, Hemant.

  • Shane

    Isn’t vegetarian atheist food an oxymoron?

    We all know the primary ingredient in all atheist food is baby.

  • Vincent

    The cross is a very useful symbol that has not always been a christian symbol. I think the buns are cute, but why make into a symbol of a particular position something that wasn’t originally so?

  • The cross is a very useful symbol that has not always been a christian symbol.

    Very true. To the Romans it was a symbol of violence, oppression and death.

    Then for about 300 years the Christians managed to subvert it with almost the exact opposite meaning. Sadly the Constantinian legacy, the remains of which we are still dealing with, managed to twist it back to it’s original meaning eventually.

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