Why Do Christians Pick on Atheists? March 20, 2008

Why Do Christians Pick on Atheists?

A best of Craigslist posting asks why Christians attack atheists “while strangely choosing to ignore all other brands of non-Christians.”

The writer speculates:

These people aren’t attacking all non-Christians because they can at least personally identify with somebody else’s belief; regardless of whether or not they agree with it. They are allies in the same sense that members of two opposing armies can feel a comradery with one other.

There are a lot of statistics and general statements about atheists that we’ve heard before but it’s worth a read.

And just to be safe:

I can’t say that some atheists aren’t guilty of the same indiscretion, but it’s a generalization to categorize all atheists this way just as it’s a generalization to categorize all Christians as rabid fundamentalists. I’ve been careful to avoid doing so here, despite the disrespect shown us by some members of the Christian community.

(Thanks to Kelly for the link!)

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  • QrazyQat

    It’s because they feel really scared to think there are examples of people living happy, fulfilled, moral lives without religion. (They do plenty of fighting amongst themselves at other times, BTW.)

  • athenebelle

    I can personally say (at least for myself), that I think the reason many (not all, but definitely many) Christians tend to focus on atheists rather than most other religions (I think there may be examples-think wicca) is that they can’t relate to the idea that someone can have a stable, ethical, happy relationships with other people. I’ve seen some which just can’t imagine it and therefore “go back to script” so to speak. I can honestly say that I was that was until I met my husband.

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