Penn Jillette is Currently Dancing… March 17, 2008

Penn Jillette is Currently Dancing…

Some please make him stop.

My eyes! They burn.


Says one judge to Penn: “The problem is your feet.”

Says another judge: “The hip action was more like replacement hip action.”

Says the final judge: “I thought you were gonna rip [partner] Kym’s leg off… you’ve got monstrous feet.”

His scores: 5, 6, and 5 (out of 10 each)… for a 16/30.

And because they won’t eliminate anyone this week, he’ll do it all over next week. With a tougher dance.

A little magic could do him good here…

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  • Seriously though, who could think about their feet while wearing a shirt like that?!

  • Oh come on, Hemant! He can do it!! Have a little faith!

  • chatterbox

    Hey, they gave Adam Corolla 15/30, and I thought Adam made it around the floor a little better. Of course, that extra point could have been the flower trick at the end of Penn’s dance.

  • My son’s girlfriend and I were too concerned that he didn’t appear to be wearing a “cup” to notice his feet…

    Of course, he was the reason we were watching in the first place. We have every season of Penn and Teller’s Bullshit on DVD, and my husband and I have been to see their Las Vegas act. Pretty amazing. Maybe he can pull a win (or at least not a last place) out of his hat.

  • Doesn’t this mean he’s now officially a has-been??

  • Siamang

    Not all of the “Dancing” stars are has-beens.

    But I will submit that anyone performing in a standing show in Vegas might already be in the “has-been” category.

  • Susan

    It’s all about MARIO!

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