Maybe God is a Superdelegate? March 16, 2008

Maybe God is a Superdelegate?

Or maybe not. We all know God is a Republican…

Someone at GodTube wants you to pray for Election Day. (Spoiler: Election Day is coming. It’s on November 4th.)

And on Election Day, they want you to think of Red… a symbol of hope, freedom, integrity, and the Bible. Think red.

Nothing subliminal about that at all…:

Phoenix Roepke at The Crazy Christian Blog writes this:

Now honestly, isn’t praying a way of cheating? I mean, if God has the power change the outcome of the vote, then asking him to do so in your favor is like asking an poll worker to cheat the system as well.

If I was a praying man then I would pray that God leave his nubby little fingers out of this election and actually let the democratic process do it’s work. Where was God the last two elections? Perhaps he was undecided…

Or, from what I’ve read, God’s people wanted George Bush to win in 2004.

It’s time to vote God’s fanatical supporters out of office.

(via The Crazy Christian Blog)

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  • Matt

    Do they realize that there is blue in the flag too?

  • 8 years of this shit has really tired me out. I don’t know what will happen if I have to deal with another 4 or 8 years of Republican idiocy screwing up this country.

  • Wait, I thought red was communist!
    …apparently GodTube is full of pinkos. Blue hates our freedom. It’s a freedom-hater.

  • White is in the flag, too. I guess that’s for all of us independents.

    Does this mean the Green Party is out?

  • Why do they hate democracy?

  • c.darrow

    “Now honestly, isn’t praying a way of cheating?”

    a very stupid way of cheating, but i guess it is. recently in italy the senate voted on a law restricting hate speech directed at homosexuals (i’m not judging the law per se). despite all the homophobic fundamentalists that wanted to scrap it the law got the needed votes, but because of a mistake made by someone in the text it was later scrapped.

    a senator told the newspapers that she prayed a lot, asking god to do something to stop that law, and that thanks to her efforts the law was stopped…

    now obviously i don’t believe that she caused the mistake, but if she believes so, shouldn’t she be prosecuted or something at least for attempting to cheat in the legislative process?

  • Was it my imagination, or was the little kid giving the Nazi salute to Abraham Lincoln?

  • Remember when Pat Robertson’s Satanic God Concept told him that his Satanic God Concept wanted him to be President of the United States?

    …and still he lost.


  • chancelikely

    Hey, God IS a Republican.

    Santa is the Democrat.

  • is red really the color of the bible?

    i know that pro-lifers put red duct tape over their mouth, but i thought that was more related to the pro-life/anti-choice movement AND not the bible.

    perhaps it’s both?

  • I’m 56 years old and when I was growing up all Americans had a saying, “Better Dead than Red”. Red has always been the color of Communism.

    Worship Satan No Longer?
    Welcome Atheist !!

  • Isn’t Santa Satan red?

    I’m just saying.

  • Godtube? “Broadcasting Him”?

    That’s both hilarious and disturbing.

    Is this the nationaldayofprayer’s way of making an ad promoting the republicans without losing their tax exempt status?

    I can think of 3 really funny spoof of this right of the top of my head.

  • Jay

    Hmmm… in Canada our left party (called the Liberal party, which should make the neocons lather) has red as its official party color, and our right party (called the Conservatives) is blue. So in Canada does God prefer the Liberals?

  • In England the right wing Tory party is blue, the liberals are yellow and the left wing labour party are red. These are just the traditional political biases though. In actual fact all English political parties try to occupy the middle ground. It’s quite difficult to tell them apart sometimes.

  • There is a Scarlet Red ‘A’ on this site. So perhaps red is Atheist.

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