This Guy Doesn’t Like You March 15, 2008

This Guy Doesn’t Like You


Let’s analyze:

  • Child-molesting heterosexuals are ok.
  • Jews are fine, but Jews from that one synagogue are evil.
  • Atheists aren’t on his list. Yay!
  • Dykes on unicycles? Not a problem.
  • People who watch TV more than studying the Bible make him sick… so where does that put people who watch Trinity Broadcasting Network?
  • “Sport’s Nuts”? Who is Sport and why are we concerned with his body?
  • Speaking of which, for a guy who doesn’t like “effeminate culture,” what’s less effeminate than sports nuts?

What other problems are there with this photo? Well, besides everything…

(via Photo of the Day)

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  • Kevin L.

    Fundie whackjob visits college campus; hilarity ensues.

    What I’m wondering is what he means by “fox hole religion.” I don’t think foxes have the capacity to develop culture or religion, and I don’t think he means that humans crawl into fox holes specifically to worship some non-Judeo-Christian god… Or does he think that the military has its own distinct religion? I’m stumped.

  • Hmmm… I only fit three of those.

  • chancelikely

    “Foxhole religion” probably means “believing in God only when you’re in trouble” or something like that. It’s probably the least stupid thing on his sign, IMO.

    I like the kid giving the Modified Lynndie England, though, that seems appropriate.

  • Tolga K.

    So being a racist is wrong, but it’s alright to hate non-submissive women.

    Ah, who am I kidding? I’m totally with him. Women belong in the kitchen… just like child-raping priests belong in Sunday school classrooms.

  • Off topic… but I found out you can play SimCity Classic online today. I quickly learned that if you continue to doze all the churches, everyone moves out.

    That’s an experiment I hadn’t tried as a kid.

  • Don’t forget people who talk to their pets! Oh noes! Sign Guy doesn’t like me!

    And ankle biters — is that small dogs, or children? Either way, WTF is wrong with this guy?

  • WJWalton

    What are ankle biters, exactly? I’d always thought that was a term for rude children. Is this some sort of fetish that I was previously unaware of, and am now enormously curious about?

  • I second that chicken girl. what’s up with ankle-biters. I had to look it up.

    Does he mean he wants to fool around but he doesn’t want the woman in question to think it means anything?

  • BZ

    Making fun of these people way on the fringe might be fun, but it tends to make us look hostile. Haha look at the wacko fundie isn’t really being a friendly atheist.

  • Love the bit about the ‘child-molesting homosexuals AND mormons’ . Never mind the apples/oranges thing, hey mental midget?

  • Jen

    Are lesbians on bikes more often than everyone else?

    BZ, who cares if it is friendly? I personally think about 3 of those things apply to me. That’s not particularly friendly of this jerk, now is it?

  • All religion that is not strictly based on traditions is foxhole religion.

    Why would you go to God if you didn’t need him and how would you know you needed him if you weren’t in some kind of trouble?

    So is he saying he doesn’t need God? I don’t think God will be impressed by that.

    Also, the story of the Pharisee and tax collector comes to mind, in which the religious Pharisee thanks God he’s not like all those sinners, but the outcast tax collector repents of his own faults.

    You can guess which one Jesus approves of.

  • Matt

    It’s slightly ironic that he includes ‘racists’ considering his own close-minded intolerance.

    As a computer programmer, I take the “computer freaks” comment personally. What’s wrong with people who use computers?

  • Matt

    Doesn’t he realize that if it wasn’t for computer freaks, he wouldn’t have such a wide font selection to use?

  • Ron in Houston

    I’m sure there’s lots of others he doesn’t like – he just doesn’t have a big enough sign.

  • Alex

    That sign is way too big. I guess the bumper sticker version is just

    “You make me sick, PEOPLE”

  • Vincent

    Having carried a banner that size, yeah those things get awful heavy. There’s a limit to how much one guy can carry.

    He hates “false religions” and Roman Catholics and Mormons… so I guess those are true religions. (he hates pentecostals, but only the ones that lie. The honest ones he’s okay with, so maybe that’s true religion too)

    He hates “people who talk to their pets more than God”. I didn’t know God talked to my pet, much less how often. How do I know whether I talk to her more or less than God does?

  • What a brilliant photo! If I had taken that, it would be enlarged to at least 8×10 and hanging in a frame right above my monitor, giving me daily inspiration to keep blogging against Christian extremism. I wonder where it was taken?

  • I havent done my homework on this guy, but is it possible that it’s all a joke?

  • Diane

    Sex makes him sick? 20 bucks says he’s divorced, and his ex-wife counts that as one of the best decisions she’s ever made. Yay for rebellious women!

  • WTH is ‘effeminate culture’, anyways? Is the theme from All in the Family running thru his thick skull?

  • Nancy

    Okay so he hates kids (ankle-biters) but he also hates “ankle-biter” killers and “ankle-biter” molesting perverts. If he hates kids, why does he care if they are molested and/or killed? You’d think he would LOVE that!!!!

    And I just noticed…atheists aren’t on his hate list.

  • But my cat has a much higher response rate than God ever did …

  • Cade

    Wouldn’t it be easier if he just replaced all that with “pretty much everyone and everything”?

  • i pet my pets more than i pet god. is this okay?

    why only Roman Catholics? you’d think that American Catholics would be of more immediate concern to him, and Canadian Catholics might even give him some pause.

    hrm… “Sex-Drugs-Rock Music.” so i guess that “Sex-Drugs-Country Music” would be okay, as would “Sex-Drugs-Classical Music” (google Berlioz, for one). frankly, if i was as intolerant as he was was, i’d be more concerned with the “Sex-Drugs-Rap Music” and “Sex-Drugs-Hip-Hop Music”, but i digress….

    as far as “Ankle Biters” go, i completely agree. This Movie sucked big-time.

    OH….it’ says “Money Lovers”. i thought it said “Monkey Lovers”, and i was wondering why he harbors such disdain for at least one of his parents.

  • Making fun of these people way on the fringe might be fun, but it tends to make us look hostile. Haha look at the wacko fundie isn’t really being a friendly atheist.

    Nah, that’s not so much of a problem BZ. Everybody makes fun of these wacko fringe types. Even other Christians.

    It’s only when y’all imply that these wacko types are representative of most Christians, continue to only focus on the negative stories about some Christians, or take unnecessary pot shots at mainstream Christians for cheap laughs that this blog starts to get pretty unfriendly.

  • Richard Wade

    Well there’s at least one correct statement on his banner. He is sick.

    He includes “racists” in his list. I guess he wanted to be sure that people don’t think he’s a racist. After all, racism is bad. Everybody knows that. Even those dirty rotten lazy Christians know that. Jesus didn’t want his followers to hate for the wrong reasons, just the right reasons. This guy’s reasons.

    I would like to stand next to him with my own banner proclaiming,


    People are whos you moron. “That” refers to things. Horton heard a Who, not a what. The song goes “people who need people,” not “people that need people.”

    Get your priorities straight, dude. I mean if you’re going to publicly demonstrate your hatred for something, then do it for something really, really terrible such as bad grammar.

  • Matt

    mollishka says: “But my cat has a much higher response rate than God ever did …”

    hahah… that made me laugh

  • Richard Wade

    Wow, this guy has tapped into one of my favorite fantasies. I want a sex-perverted computer freak rebellious woman to bite my ankle in a foxhole!

  • Julie

    I mean if you’re going to publicly demonstrate your hatred for something, then do it for something really, really terrible such as bad grammar.

    Hee hee. Richard, he also says, “Sport’s nuts,” which means, as I interpret it, the nuts, or testicles, which belong to Sport. He hates poor ol’ Sport’s nuts. That just doesn’t seem fair.

  • Eliza

    I pick up my dog’s poop more than I pick up God’s poop [as far as I know, since I’ve never been convinced of the existence of God or his/it’s poop]. Does that count???? S’pos this guy just didn’t have room for that one on this sign? I’d hate to feel left out. The only one that might apply to me is “rebellious women” & of course since he didn’t include a definition I can only hope…

  • I think that guy is from Rochester, NY.

    I distinctly remember that sign from one of the Gay Parades a few years back. He’s definitely serious, and definitely a nutjob.

  • Julie

    Oops. Hemant already mentioned the Sport’s Nuts thing. I guess I didn’t read all the bullet points. I’m such a lazy atheist. But at least I’m not a lazy Christian. Those people just make me sick!

  • This guy hits my campus fairly often. I really like him.

  • Christophe Thill

    Wow. That guy’s not really fighting for peace and tolerance, is he ?

  • hey Philip, then maybe you could ask him what “ankle-biters” means?

  • Scotty B

    How about another sign:



  • I agree with vjack! Enlarge it and make posters! Or maybe shrink it and make tracts.

    If not for the young man in the foreground, this would be a depressing photo.

  • Joseph R.

    That picture is awesome. The kid pointing and smiling/laughing is hilarious.

    On a side note. The guy holding the sign looks just like the Major that was our unit commander in 8th Marines. Boy, was that a long time ago. It brings back memories.

  • julie marie

    rebellious women. oh my. back in my evangelical days, I read my share of conservative blogs. there was one female pastor who I really liked reading, she made wonderful, open minded, inclusive, charitable posts. and whenever she made a point that hit too close to home, it never failed that some old farty fundy (or thats how I pictured him) would – not responding to her point at all – ask “are you submissive to your husband?” sheesh. I don’t know how she patiently took all the abuse and kept trying. with her intelligence and eloquence she could have shredded all their arguments in 3 sentances or less. Every so often I check back and see if she’s still fighting the good fight…and she’s still there. I think some of the nastiest “do you submit” types have been banned from the site though.

    one thing I did learn, that has served me well, is how to frame an argument to someone in power in a non-threatening, persuasive way. that does come in handy for career progression.

  • Karen

    whenever she made a point that hit too close to home, it never failed that some old farty fundy (or thats how I pictured him) would – not responding to her point at all – ask “are you submissive to your husband?”

    Because women really aren’t supposed to be so audacious and nervy as to actually express their opinions, according to those people. Yeesh.

    In the early 90s I worked for a nonprofit Christian NGO. At one point my husband and I worked jointly on a project. Because I use my maiden name professionally, we were listed with different last names but it was made clear we are married.

    One of those old farty fundies sent in a huge diatribe threatening to pull his donations because I hadn’t taken my husband’s name, like that was soooo unChristian and rebellious of me! The organization was actually supportive of me and stood up to the guy, but that was the mindset of their donors.

    You should have seen the reaction when we did a project about population control! Whew … 😉

  • Cass

    rebellious women?? is he serious?

  • William

    This guy was on my campus recently at CSUC (Chico State) we gave him an earfull and never let him complete his hate mongering. It was great fun! I Haven’t met very many people who like him.

  • Well, I’m sorry to say that I probably make him very sick, seeing as how I am a lazy rebellious party animal christian computer freak woman who would support dykes on bikes (in fact, I’d go so far as to cheer them on).

    Not only that but I’m racist against these type of people. WOAH NELLY HE’D HATE MY GUTS! :O!

    Seriously though, I think this guy needs to go home and read the bible instead of going out and looking like a mormon. OOPS typo, i meant “moron.” Sorry dude, forgot that mormons make you sick.

  • Victoria

    This is a big bunch of bull shit.
    The people who persicute you are not acting as a true Christians. Just because some one calls themself a Christian, don’t you even make the mistake of thinking that they are going to act like our God. You take the perfect religion and put a human in it, the it is no longer perfect. Alot of what “Christians” think is not what God thinks. Our God is not hating, so just ignore what the stupid humans tell you.
    We make our God sound like he is going to damn all, but in truth He loves you all, and He will do what He sees fit, not what we think He should do.

  • Laura

    This was at my college: UC Davis in Davis, CA. I remember seeing this jackass. My friend gave him a “hug” and stuck a No on Prop 8 sticker on his back haha.

    I personally wouldn’t touch him if you paid me, except maybe a good kick in the balls.

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