Gay Men, Wear a Cup! They’re Coming For You! March 14, 2008

Gay Men, Wear a Cup! They’re Coming For You!

Eunicure has solved that pesky problem of homosexuality… by “fixing” gay men:

… a small incision is made in the abdomen and the testicles are pushed out through the incision from underneath. After the surgery there is some discomfort, although anyone who has ever had a cat neutered knows how short the recovery time is.

Mother of God… they’re castrating the gays!

And while your testicles are being pushed out of your body, your ex-wife and mother can watch:

Q. My ex-wife, mother, lover etc. wants to watch the procedure as it takes place, Is that allowed?

That depends on of the local surgeon performing the operation and the local hospital. Some allow visitors during such procedures and some prefer to maintain a sterile environment.

Sound like a hoax?

It is… but they go to great lengths to cover it up.

Dan Savage searched for information and got an “actual” media liaison, Andrew Johnson:

Can you put me in touch with men you’ve Eunicured?

No. We have to respect patient confidentiality.

The mailing address listed on Eunicure’s website is the street address of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. Are you guys affiliated with Fred “God Hates Fags” Phelps?

We’re inspired by their teachings. We don’t see eye to eye on everything. But we have the same goals. We are not affiliated though.

Is Eunicure registered with the IRS? Is it a registered 501(c)3?

I honestly don’t know.

For a spokesman, you don’t seem to know much.

[Laughs.] Frankly, we only went live two weeks ago. We registered the website a month ago, we’ve been working on it for a bit. We had it out for a very little while. Only Monday we started to let people know we were here on the web.

Johnson also mentioned that Dr. Timothy Feathertree (Eunicare’s medical director) is not licensed to practice medicine… and he graduated in 1985 from the University of Cape Town (South Africa).

Dan checked up on this:

… the University of Cape Town actually has a zippy little website and I was able to blast an e-mail off to the student-records office. “I have checked our records correctly and could find NONE under the name below,” writes Sipho Masha in the student-records office.

I’m as surprised as you: who knew fundamentalists could tell lies?!

But if you’re interested in helping, they’re looking for surgeons:

Surgeons Wanted:

If you are a board-certified urological surgeon who wishes to donate their services to the Eunicure cause,
please contact our medical director,
Dr. Timothy Feathertree,

(via No God Blog)

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  • Tracy

    That is unbelievable! There has to be SOME law this company is breaking. Castration as a CURE?? Those people make me ill.

  • Sick, sick, sick.

    I can’t think of anything else to say.

  • I’m not quite sure about this one. So it’s a hoax. But is it a hoax by fundamentalists (ie the Westboro Baptists) about what they think should be done about gay people? Doubtful. It says quite clearly in the Bible that castration is wrong. It sounds to me more like a hoax at the expense of the Westboro Baptists.

  • I would have to agree – there’s no way this is legit.

  • Julie

    The testimonials really make it seem like a hoax:

    “I’d been through several Family Freedom Intensives in High School but they just never took. Sure, after three days of being talked to around the clock I could say I had changed. By the next week though, I was back at the Sparkle doing blow and blowing dudes, like they say.”

    Or anyway, I hope it’s a big joke, or this really happened to someone:

    “My father caught me and my boyfriend Jack making out in the attic, and at first I thought he was going to explode.Then he said we had two choices: accept the love of God or he would take us out in the woods and shoot us dead.”

  • FaggotsWithAttitude

    If those boys are coming for a radical queer like me, they’d better be wearing a chastity belt, cuz I will castrate the ugly ones and rape the hell outta the cute ones, til I’ve converted them…just like they do in jail. That’s *my* homosexual agenda.

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