We Won’t Have an Atheist President Anytime Soon… March 10, 2008

We Won’t Have an Atheist President Anytime Soon…

… but we could possibly make a push to have atheist high-school or college students run for class president or student government president next year.

If you’re a student, let us know if you’re running this Spring. If you need support or advice, or you’re an atheist already in that role, please let us know that as well!

If you know someone who could run, please encourage him/her to do so! It’s the first step in getting more atheists in leadership roles where they could actually make a difference, even if it is extremely local.

It doesn’t mean the candidates have to make their atheism an issue at all. It’s just good to know we have atheists who could be elected in those positions.

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  • Anontheist

    I’m a bit late for this, but I held five presidencies and two vice-presidencies my senior year of high school. It’s fairly small – a public school of about 600 students – but that’s something.

    Better yet, a substantial portion of the school knew that I was an agnostic/atheist at the time, so there you are. The community is pretty heavily Christian, as well.

    So, the Presidency of the **HS class of 2007 will be forever held by a secular humanist. Groovy.

  • K

    Absolutely. I’ll sign up to support anyone local.

  • THz

    For the past year the University of Alberta had an atheist as SU president. And in the elections that just happened one guy ran for president on the platform “God told me to during bible study” and lost to a joke candidate. Religion is a non-issue in our elections on campus, just the way it should be.

  • Matt

    I grew up and went to High School in a small, conservative, white, republican town. However, it was in Michigan — not the bible belt — so religion was pretty low key. This was almost ten years ago though… I don’t recall religion coming up once in regards to student council elections, then again, student council elections were a popularity contest in my school. Even so, I’m sure an atheist could have run without a problem. Now if the candidate explicitly made his atheism known, I’m not sure what would have happened… I get the feeling that a lot of kids in High School haven’t given their beliefs enough thought to know what it is they believe.

  • I am an open atheist, and have been president of the American Pre Veterinary Medical Association– I guess that’s not current or future, but it was something that was voted on…

    I have a younger brother who is agnostic and is some officer in his aeronautical engineering club– I think secretary, and I think he’s running for president next year.

  • Patience

    I was class president in college. I beat out a republican, baptist, blonde cheerleader, too. It was AWESOME. (this was in 2003-2004 school year)

    I was also co-chair of the gltb club, with an agnostic, and student council member in high school.

  • Patience

    (double post, sorry!)

  • HSkid

    mehhh i don’t think it’s possible to win the vote of a whole school if you are an out there atheist unless you’re super popular…
    i got so much crap last week in english class for saying that i don’t believe in god hahaha you should have seen their faces.

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