Spare Me, Jesus! March 8, 2008

Spare Me, Jesus!

I found out why churches need all that money:


(via SeeMikeDraw)

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  • I wonder who is shaking Jesus down. There might be an infinite regress forming here.

  • bipolar2

    How bad things happen to good people when a god goes rogue.

    best explanation i’ve seen

    btw, since jesus is god and god is shaking jesus down — then god is shaking himself down. there is no infinite regress. qed.

  • D. H. Pang

    I love it. I think Jesus would think it is funny, too.

  • GodlessHeathen

    I was thinking the same thing a while ago. =^_^=

  • Kathryn

    For some reason I thought of the preacher from “There Will Be Blood” when I saw this.


  • Okay. That’s just wrong. Funny, but wrong. I think I’m going to hell for laughing at it. Haha. Is it hot in here to anyone else?