Indiana Freethought March 8, 2008

Indiana Freethought

Atheists in Indiana? Never!

But they exist… (shocking, I know). Freethought Fort Wayne is an affiliate of the Center for Inquiry.

There’s now also a collective blog with meeting information and more.

Any other state or city atheist groups hovering around somewhere in the blogosphere?

(Thanks to Jeremy for the link!)

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  • Jason

    I’m also an atheist in Fort Wayne. My girlfriend and most of my friends are as well. I can attest that we do exist! I may have to check this out.

  • I lived in Indiana for two years. I did feel a little isolated, even at Purdue, although at the time, I would never have dreamed of joining any sort of group.

  • Matthew

    Athiest from Texas here. I live near Dallas and enjoy the feeling of being in a tiny minority.

  • Mercurious

    I lived in Northern IN for most of my life and am proud to be an atheist. Thinking back on it, it was never really much of an issue really, even growing up deep in Amish country. When I was at Purdue one of my roommates was a devout christian. Always had fun debating him about god. Was always a polite debate, but we pretty much always came away “agreeing to disagree”

  • Syckls

    One more Fort Wayner here.

  • Present! Atheist in Bloomington, and I’ll say there’s many of us here. I’d call it an easy place to be an atheist…

  • Warning: Shameless self promotion

    We’d love to have all of the Fort Wayners show up this Wednesday. I’ll be presenting some of the goings-on with the collective blog and we’ll convince our esteemed hosts to talk about the public access show (which I haven’t seen yet).

    Hemant, we really appreciate the bump.

  • Hermitgal

    Atheist in Bloomington… not too unusual. I’m down here in Lawrence County where it’s a crime to be a Liberal, let alone an atheist!!
    I work in retail sales and I’m very aware that when paying customers come in and start “spreading the word” I’d better keep my opinions to myself! It’s sooo frustrating.

  • Tyler Young

    I want to ask you a question. Why aren’t atheists and agnostics in indiana more upset about Barack Obama saying that we might want to rethink the separation of church and state during the CNN “Compassion Forum”? During that same forum Hillary Clinton had said that she believes matters such as abortion should be decided by the individual and not the government, which shows her long standing view that the separation of church and state is important. I feel that Hillary Clinton respects atheist and agnostic rights, while Barack Obama considers them a low priority.

  • Heather Scott

    My hubby and I are atheiests from Martinsville where I do believe we are the only ones!!!!My parents just found out about us and they are christians, needless to say, they are very upset, also we are teaching are 7 year old about evolution and what it means to really believe in something. Is this wrong?

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