You’re Gonna Die… March 6, 2008

You’re Gonna Die…

Yes, there’s a catch.

The more important question is whether you can figure out what it is before it is revealed.

DeathBeth is going to crunch some numbers and tell you the secrets of your ultimate demise!


Not surprisingly, this is brought to you by Ray Comfort’s ministry.

(Thanks to Grazatt for the link!)

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  • Siamang

    Well at least they had a button that said “click here if you think this is lame”.

    They realize that’s the reaction they’re most likely to get, rather than the defensive “Click Here if you Still Decide to Sinfully Deny the Holy Spirit that you Know Exists, NYAH NYAH NYAAAAAH!!!”

    So that’s an encouraging sign of self-honesty, I think.

  • MercuryBlue

    They coulda at least done a few different result pages depending on what we put in the boxes.

  • Siamang

    That would imply that they listen to anything the preachee has to say for herself. Nope.

  • Classic christianity, using the fear of death as coercion to join their cult.

    Too bad I’m not scared of death. Death is very likely to mean nonexistence. Nothing to be scared of, unless you think it’s likely that there’s a hell, another christian concept.

  • Kathryn

    They could just been like “of course you’re going to die, you ninny!”

    Would’ve been the same anyway.

  • Mriana

    They also could have had more than a “back” button on the “think this is lame?” page. 🙄 The whole thing was lame IMO, but typical scare tactics of some Christians- which someone else has already said.

  • I find it odd there was no “old age” option. Oh, well, guess it didn’t matter anyway.

    I wish they had a “Think this is lame?” button for the second page, too – and have it rigged so that every time someone voted it down, they’d get crazed monkeys in the mail or something.

    Anyone have their address? 😀

    – Miz L.

  • Purple

    They directly contradict themselves on the second page:

    Imagine you could go back in time to the day before the 2004 tsunami killed more than 229,800 people in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, and elsewhere. What would you do? If you start telling people you’ve “seen the future” and you warn them to take steps to escape the coming disaster, most are going to just write you off as a nutcase. But what would really be lame… is if you did nothing.

    You see, God knows the future. And He says that something much worse than the tsunami is coming… it’s the Day of Judgment when you have to face God.

    God is very lame indeed. For he “did nothing” about the tsunami.

  • What is this “How do you think you will die?” crap? I have no idea and I’ve really not given it much thought. There isn’t an option for “With dignity”, “Screaming”, or even “Laughing like a loon”. Just situations and these are limited to a bare few.

    Pah! I am disappointed in those theists. They could have made it funny.

  • Christophe Thill

    I clicked on “Think this is lame?”. I read. Well, I still think it’s lame. And there’s no further button to press. So I just came back here. It’s far more interesting.

  • I like tea

    There isn’t an option for “With dignity”, “Screaming”, or even “Laughing like a loon”

    I was looking for “alcohol poisoning” myself.

  • Yossarian

    Definitely lame.

    I think Ray should go back to his bananas….

  • Thanks for wasting 1 minute of my life Hemant.

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